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Unreachable Totem/Intangible Floor

liquidlightliquidlight Member Posts: 285

Platform: PS4

Description of the issue: This (the floor being intangible and the totem unreachable) happened on the new map Lery's Memorial Institute. It was on the second level in the monitor/circle room behind one of the stairs. I and another survivor (at a separate time) both tried to reach this totem and couldn't because the floor was intangible and we fell through. This error literally cost us the game due to the killer having NOED and the unreachable totem, of course, being the chosen one. I crouch-crawled in the video but standing made no difference, it still happened. It didn't matter if we were close to the chairs or the wall.

Steps to reproduce (if possible): Find the totem there and try to reach it.

How often does this occur: So far I've experienced this only once.

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