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Grabbing Survivor

Hail_to_the_KingHail_to_the_King Member Posts: 180
edited February 2020 in PS4

The survivor grab animation on PS4 is still bugged, making it extremely annoying and difficult to get this challenge completed. This bug has lasted for far too long. There has been well more than enough time to fix it and plenty of us have reported it. As soon as the killer grabs the survivor, the animation begins and then is just randomly stopped as the survivor runs free. Many survivors abuse this too because they know they can't be grabbed if they let go at the right time. It has turned into an exploit. Also some maps are still too dark for both roles. I shouldn't have to turn up monitor brightness to be able to play a game. That's just nonsense. Dark maps aren't making the game scarier for anyone.


  • Blinking_BatBlinking_Bat Member Posts: 18

    This isn't a bug, its latency with dedicated servers. If you are getting the ghost grab, it means the survivors input of ending their action and running got to the server before the killer's grab input reaches the server.

    95% of the time this means the survivor reacted before the grab input happened (in real time). Grabs were easier before dedicated servers because the killer had 0 latency as the host of the game, which meant that even if the survivor stopped the action first in real time, the killer could still grab the survivor if the killer entered the grab input while the packets saying 'the survivor is not performing an action' were still in transit on their way to the killer

  • Hail_to_the_KingHail_to_the_King Member Posts: 180

    I have experienced this issue well before dedicated servers were live on PS4.

  • Mo4ntusMo4ntus Member Posts: 416

    doesn't matter its the same on all systems gen and locker grabs don't work.

  • MrsGhostfaceMrsGhostface Member Posts: 882

    Stealthy killers make it easy, even spirit. If it’s really difficult just farm

  • JiggleWiggleJiggleWiggle Member Posts: 312

    I've experienced this as a survivor. Whenever i tried to get grabbed from a window or a generator it starts the killer just downs me. The only reliable way to get grabbed so far was slow vaulting a pallet into the killers arms.

  • Mystaria13Mystaria13 Member Posts: 477
    edited February 2020

    This is not a bug and there are so many bugs on ps4 but you're having trouble with the dedicated servers and the survivor reacting before you are able to get the grab. Dedicated servers have caused all kinds of issues on ps4 with lag/latency hitboxes dead hard pallet drops and many many other issues but grabs are not an issue. Many players know that survivors can be grabbed when vaulting windows or pallets, but they don't know that there is a timing to successfully grab a survivor instead of downing them into the dying state. Survivors can be grabbed from gens and I see it happen about once a match. There's only a few ways to successfully grab a survivor and that's on a gen, out of a locker, while unhooking another survivor, and while vaulting but they can only be grabbed while their injured and the timing has to be right...

    Btw: I got pulled off a gen by a Freddy that I had at 99% that I was standing beside and wasn't repairing and I was told I got dedicated sever'd. I had the prompt to repair lmao but I got pulled off of air! 🙄🤣

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