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DS doesn’t mean survivors are Just automatically bad.

A common theme I see killers use in a statement/ argument against a good survivor is “you’re trash because you use DS.”

I play on console PS4 and the tunneling is really bad .

Today alone I died major of games just being FaceCamped 1st hook and tunneled, but I don’t care because my other 3 teammates made it out.

My main build is Spine chill, resilience, DS, and usually Object of Obsession (by far my favorite perk in the game) or sometimes iron will. I’m usually the one always being chased and dying. I’m fine with that because I’m use to it.

I have plenty of messages of different killers just saying I’m trash because I use DS. I literally ran you the whole game. I have plenty of clips just simply outplaying the killer and some killers fail to acknowledge their mistakes.

Just because a survivor uses DS doesn’t automatically make them trash. Screaming “it’s a meta crutch perks!!!! For bad survivors!!!! Good survivors never get hooked!!!” It simply just not true. Good survivors will eventually get hooked everyone makes mistake. The logic only applies to the killers who is completely new to the game and have no idea on what they are doing.

I will admit there are some bad survivors who use DS and you can tell because they will literally go back down seconds later. OR the survivors whose soul purpose is to try and uses DS just to be annoying and abuses it to automatically wanna call the killer a tunneler because they jump right out at the killer or locker spam thinking the killer is just going pick you up to eat DS.

Good survivor usually don’t do this. They will either go work on a Generators and mind their own business or if being tunneled they by time and play it smart and time there DS at the right time to use it.

Half of the time my DS just ends up running out while being tunneled down anyway. AND it’s funny because the killer uses this as the “I Didn’t tunnel because I never got hit with DS.” Well yeah because I literally out running it because I can actually run.

I understand the frustration and annoyance of DS especially during EGC and why it seem broken if the hooked survivors gets unhooked and the gates are open that’s a free escape because of the 60 sec invisibility And this definitely does help Trash survivors at best.

when I’m playing killer I have ran into this issue, but I can tell who good and who bad survivors base of how well they outplayed me and looping me. I’m not afraid to admit that.


  • rhodamiarhodamia Member Posts: 272


    It needs tweaks to not work in certain situations. But I'm a really good survivor and I use it. Not because I NEED it. But because it's so strong in so many situations. Doesn't make me weak. Makes me smart for using the OP perk while I can before it gets nerfed (as it should be) lol.

  • ThisLadyRightHereThisLadyRightHere Member Posts: 195

    As much as I don’t like to say it after EGC DS shouldn’t be activated or the timer should be lowerEd to 30 seconds it does seem somewhat fair which I’m fine with, but to others who play to only escape will find this unfair. BUT if would help killer secure kill.

  • ThisLadyRightHereThisLadyRightHere Member Posts: 195

    Of course you’re right, I’m fine with NOED especially if a killer played well, but at the same time remember just like survivors NOED does tend to aid bad killers who tunnel and FaceCamped with free second or more kills - just as DS would after EGC tend to give bad survivors a free Escapes.

  • terumisanterumisan Member Posts: 1,146

    I mean ds rewards you for doing nothing and how it's abused a lot by high rank survivors doesn't really help your case since it's still you can still abuse it for a free escape

  • LaakeriLaakeri Member Posts: 833

    Devs had a good intentions with DS being anti tunnel perk, which it does well. It's just that good survivors use it for the 60 seconds of immunity, not just for the anti tunnel.

  • Archimedes5000Archimedes5000 Member Posts: 1,589

    Both of these perks should be fixed so they dont reward you for playing bad.

    NOEDs strength should be based on your performance before it triggers, DS should have its timer shortened or be disabled if you are not tunneled

  • TodgeweihtTodgeweiht Member Posts: 3,513
    edited February 2020

    The problem with DS is that more than an anti tunnel perk, survivors take it as 60 seconds of invincibility, which just isnt ok

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  • rhodamiarhodamia Member Posts: 272
    edited February 2020

    Jeez. Good comments on this thread. I agree. Neither makes you a bad player and yet both could use a tweak.

    DS: someone else is hooked? DS deactivates.

    NOED: 2 ideas, either

    Instadown only on previously hooked survivors


    All dull totems becomes a NOED hex and gives a charge for each totem. Hitting a survivor breaks a random NOED totem.

    Just cuz you use something that is strong doesn't make you bad. It's just the strong things need to be tweaked. They are being used in unintended ways (60sec immunity and encouraging/rewarding facecamping)

  • KingOfBadRNGKingOfBadRNG Member Posts: 414
    edited February 2020
  • CronkCronk Member Posts: 283

    Well anyone can run a killer because the maps are unfair

  • CronkCronk Member Posts: 283

    How much dollar you want to bet the op got caught by noed messaged a killer then the killer called out for ds

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 1,956

    No perk, item, addon, killer, way of playing (think solo/swf) or offering magically makes someone bad just because they use it. It's just as pointless as calling someone a "tryhard" or "sweaty" and thinking that's any sort of arguement at all.

    Do I think the game is perfectly balanced? Not at all. But blaming players for using stuff that's in the game is a complete waste of time.

  • ocafghanistanocafghanistan Member Posts: 3,684

    sometimes it's necessary to use

  • DisappointedUserDisappointedUser Member Posts: 420

    Killers call survivors trash for using DS?

  • underlord99underlord99 Member Posts: 1,030

    Not to be rude but from past experience and watching streamers, usually running Ooo gets you tunneled .

  • Aura_babyyAura_babyy Member Posts: 583

    I think you're getting tunneled bc of object.

    For some odd reason it really upsets a killer.

  • Archimedes5000Archimedes5000 Member Posts: 1,589

    Odd reason you mean "being able to see the killer at all times and read all his moves with a high chance of being in a SWF where this perk is completly broken"

    So where is the odd part?

  • ProfessorDunwichProfessorDunwich Member Posts: 817
    edited February 2020

    Should have applied more pressure. /s

    I use it as a survivor. Can really save you if the killer decides to tunnel, which is becoming more common. Also it helps out your whole team, because the killer sees there is an obsession and does not know who or how many people have it. It would benefit from deactivation in certain conditions, such as someone else being hooked.

  • Aura_babyyAura_babyy Member Posts: 583

    It was sarcasm.

    Idk why people think OoO is such an op Perk on SWF teams who are just friends playing together casually. If you see more than one it's legit just trolling.

    The perk goes both ways, and you can play a good amount of killers that will hard counter this perk and make it a wasted slot.

    But there's probably no point explaining that to you. Let me guess, you're also upset Ruin was nerfed too?

  • Archimedes5000Archimedes5000 Member Posts: 1,589
    edited February 2020

    Even casual SWF can coordinate their loadouts and relay simple information. When you have OoO its no longer just some information, you can locate killer every time you want.

    Hard counter OoO? Who? Except for Nurse and maybe Spirit thats impossible. You just stand on the god loop and dont leave it until the killer is far away. Then you use comms to tell your team Killers location. And there is no killer that can hard counter god loops except for the 2 mentioned above.

    Even outside SWF OoO hard counters Trapper, Hag and Demogorgon's portals while it also moderately counters most killers, because it shows their location to the user.

    But there is no point in explaining to you because you dont even know how important it is fot the killer to not have his location revealed all the time.

    Let me guess: you dont even play Hag or Trapper and didnt see any issue when the only early slowdown perk was reworked into mid-late game pressure based slowdown perk.

  • Aura_babyyAura_babyy Member Posts: 583
    edited February 2020

    Did you really just ask who can hard counter OoO?

    Lmao does Wraith, Ghostface, T1 Myers (scratched mirror or not), Pig (used wisely) and Huntress not exist? With some honorable mentions to Doc and Legion.

    This is a good chunk of killers you're completely missing out on if OoO troubles you so. So many counters being passed up and yet people think this perk is still OP to an extent more than it actually is.

    Of course, one would think Object hard counters Hag and Demo. It doesn't too much at all, it just tells Demo that someone is going to his portal, which is base kit anyway. Hags who place traps only have to worry about flashlights, tripping them works in her favor. The only real killer who suffers is Trapper, and the low mobility killers with no counter, like Leatherface.

    And who tf even mentioned God loops? We're talking about the perk on its own. God loops are a map tile issue, and not present in every map in the game, so this is irrelevant, if you're gonna argue with me keep it on topic.

    And yes I play Hag, more so than Trapper. Hag is easily bothered by a team of flashlights, which at that point I swap, or I run the silent addons. Body blocking addons is great for the smaller maps too.

  • Archimedes5000Archimedes5000 Member Posts: 1,589
    edited February 2020

    Lmao because there are people who use OoO to counter Ghostface. Just because killer has undetectable doesnt mean it counters OoO, you can see exactly when they enter or exit stealth.

    And like I said, almost all killers are hurt by OoO, one perk shouldnt be strong enough to make the killer completely change his playstyle. Not to even mention infinite information it gives to SWF.

    Its not that this perk is OP, (in SWF it is) but that its effect affects the game too much. It has severe downsides, but it doesnt change the fact that killers have to change their playstyles just to counter OoO. This isnt amount of power 1 perk of 1 survivior should have.

    I mentioned god loops because this is how SWF use this perk, they make the "information giver" just stand and feed them information while they work on gens. And as long as OoO is alive, SWF knows his every move. OoO shouldnt be so op when used by SWF, it should be more like kindred => powerful to solo, useless to SWF.

    I know it can be countered, but OoO just has too much power. It makes flashlighting/disarming traps unfairly easy and lets you keep track of the killer at all times.

  • ThisLadyRightHereThisLadyRightHere Member Posts: 195

    I don’t see how OoO is “OP” in SWF. I don’t see how it’s remotely “OP” in general.

    I mean you have Comms for SWF. OoO is just a complete waste of a perk slot for SWF :/ it’s completely pointless and

    Killers being hurt by OoO is just ridiculous state to me. It’s just who cares if a survivor can see you. It should’ve affected your play style regardless who you play. When I play killer occasionally I get OoO users. This doesn’t bother me again it’s like (OK YOU CAN SEE ME) lol again why should I care.

  • ThisLadyRightHereThisLadyRightHere Member Posts: 195

    I literally had a wraith that wouldn’t admit to camping and tunneling all game. He had on ghost and ultra clapper add on and just proxy camped or corner camped the basement and soon as someone when down to save he would pop out and down the unhooked survivor and put them back on the hook. At the end on the game I confronted him about the camping and the tunneling and the killer denies ever doing so. He use his emblem system to denied he ever camped because he 1+ stupid pip. EVERYONE HAD BT, but because you have no TR BT never went off.

    I don’t care about campers late game, but camping and tunneling all game at 5 gens and THEN wouldn’t admit it and claim his a good at the game, but claim that I suck because I “APPARENTLY MISSED” DS even though I didn’t bother to hit it because I was trying to killed myself on hook and kobe. It’s literally almost every killers go argument You suck because of DS. :/

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