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We have been investigating cases of distributed denial of services (DDoS) over the last week. We take these reports extremely seriously. We're actively monitoring the situation internally and with our partners to gather as much information as possible and identify trends.

We are terribly sorry to those who have been affected by these attacks- we understand the impact this has on you. We are taking every appropriate measure to ensure the safety of our players.

We encourage our players to report to us any cases of DDoS, as well as any other form of inappropriate or abusive behaviour in the game. In the meantime, we encourage you to stay safe and follow best practices for online safety.

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  • toxicmeggtoxicmegg Member Posts: 662

    Why is it possible for a killer to hit me when i vault and have already taken a few steps ahead?

  • th3th3 Member Posts: 1,596

    Why is it every update causes the same error that was fixed by a previous update. I.e. The Rank update error.

  • BaschFonRonsenburgBaschFonRonsenburg Member Posts: 233

    Is there any plans to implement higher sensitivity for consoles? I find myself being unable to catch a survivor pulling a 360 and having to wait for them to finish before I’m able to hit them. Aim Enhancement usually makes me miss while they are spinning.

  • Fnatic47Fnatic47 Member Posts: 199
    edited February 2020

    Will Doctor huge fps drops be fixed or you guys already have a fix for it on the Next patch?

  • Seltas0208Seltas0208 Member Posts: 1,056

    Is there any technical issues as to why console hasn't been optimized yet?

  • Adriang14Adriang14 Member Posts: 257

    Are there any plans to reduce the way the killers enhanced animation hits can cause misses and camera flicks.

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632

    Do survivors all have the same size hit box? Do Killers all have the same size hit box?

    Youtuber's and streamers have been saying all the survivors have the same size hit box, and the killers all have varying sizes of hit boxes. Which explains why Clown can't chase survivors around corners, because his hit boxes forces him to take a wider girth around a corner - making him move at the same speed as survivors that run as close to the inside of a turn as possible.

  • supersonic853supersonic853 Member Posts: 3,797

    Can we please get cross progression if possible if not possible what is stopping you?

  • Mo4ntusMo4ntus Member Posts: 416

    Can you explain how the action order is registered because as killer it feels like grabs take last and survivors escape mid animation all the time.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 9,217

    Have you thought about reducing the hitbox around killers to allow them to round objects better without losing as much distance?

  • LithuanianLithuanian Member Posts: 141

    any changes coming to dead hard ?

  • BBQnDemogorgonBBQnDemogorgon Member Posts: 3,592

    Last it was said that you were aiming for 60fps on PS4/Xbox One by the end of Summer 2019.

    Is a big update to console performance still coming?

  • DreamnomadDreamnomad Member Posts: 2,847

    Why is DBD causing PS4 systems to overheat? It is the only game I play that causes this issue.

  • UnironicalygothUnironicalygoth Member Posts: 175

    Why dont iridescent add ons work with each othet?

  • JarethJareth Member Posts: 66

    Are there any planned fixes for when a killer appears to grab a survivor but then gets cancelled mid-animation?

  • KingOfBadRNGKingOfBadRNG Member Posts: 424
    edited February 2020

    Why do killers have different lunges I get it for higher or slower mobility killers? For my Example wraith and freedy

  • leyzymanleyzyman Member Posts: 354

    This ones for you @SpaceCoconut

    With the Hag, as of the moment, she cannot be played because of that weird bug from teleporting.

    Can you please explain why this happens to us, and how you plan to fix this?

  • AGMAGM Member Posts: 386

    How does the loop safety assessment tool work? For example, in the 3.5.0/1 patch notes, there was mention of a +82 loop safety rating. What does this mean exactly? How safe are the loops on an L-wall/T-wall tile vs. a long wall jungle gym tile, and how are pallets taken into account?


  • megdonaldsmegdonalds Member Posts: 742

    Regarding performance and UI feedback the game gets slower the longer it's running and it literally freezes sometimes for some seconds when navigating through menues and so on and it became really worse on consoles. You promised performance optimizations since over 1 year already. When will you finally address and improve those essential issues?

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 4,041

    The experience on console (PS4 in my case) feels to be going further downhill with every patch and is the reason many friends of mine who were previously long-term obsessive players of this game have given up on it entirely. Are there still optimisation plans for console, and if so, when can we roughly expect them? And if not, when and for what reason were they abandoned?

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 5,229
    edited February 2020

    Why does huntress chuck invisible, wall phasing, Honda CRV's at you? I thought she was supposed to throw hatchets.

    I get she needs some aim assist to a degree so they actually hit, but it's very annoying to run around a turn and take 3 steps and still get hit, or to dodge perfectly or so you think and watch it about to fly way past you and still you get hit. There has to be some better way to solve this problem for her right?

  • ElkElk Member Posts: 2,267
    edited February 2020

    Are you guys going to add more Dedicated Server locations other than the ones you have now, if so where do you guys have in mind?

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  • aazimuthaazimuth Member Posts: 190

    Okay, so my main question is when are dedicated servers going away, it is something that is EXTREMELY unhealthy for your game. Peer to peer felt better, worked better for everyone, and is just better in this game overall. I don't see why we are forced to play on dedicated servers when the PTB exists for a reason.

    Also, saying "what we are doing to reduce the feeling of hits that don't appear to be close enough" doesn't help anyones worry that dedicated servers won't be put in the trash as they should. We KNOW those hits shouldn't hit us. Covering up the hits that shouldn't hit by changing animations isn't good game design. It should be obvious by now that hits are way more generous than they ever were before. You could loop things many times before but now you can't even be greedy because of how inconsistent the servers are. Remove them, tyvm or at least give us an option to play on P2P.

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 3,007

    At what point should the window M1 hit no longer be available? I've been hit on a double L wall after taking more then 4 steps while being at the end of the wall. This was before and after dedicated servers.

  • TatariuTatariu Member Posts: 1,352

    Will PC players receive the ability to adjust our graphical settings further, rather than have to tinker with .ini files?

  • krzak95krzak95 Member Posts: 11

    Can you guys finally add more sensitivity to controllers? And when we can expect stable 60 fps?

  • NobsydeNobsyde Member Posts: 1,233
    edited February 2020

    short version: in the stalking mechanic (Ghostface and Shape powers), how does the game know when a survivor can be stalked?

    (long version, because I would like a somehow precise answer here :P: a survivor can be located not only behind a wall, but also behind see-through grass / half-way behind a generator / between the shack planks etc. - meaning that only a part of the survivor can be seen. I assume you raytrace from the killer POV to the survivor location, but what are the points that you use in the raytracing?)

  • smappdoodasmappdooda Member Posts: 426

    How does dedicated servers affect things like grabs (EG: gen grab, totem grab, hook grab etc)? I'm curious why it happens and what it takes to make it happen less.

    Also, why does having a really good ping seem to make my experience worse (not being able to hit through windows or pallets when I see streamers do it all the time)

  • TraitorousLeopardTraitorousLeopard Member Posts: 156

    Why does healing heighten the survivor hitbox, especially when most healing animations involve the survivor bending over to heal someone or themselves?

  • monkamonka Member Posts: 66

    Will graphics and FPS selection items be added to PS4?

    Monster hunters, etc. have selection items

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