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My tips for new survivor players

ShadoureonShadoureon Member Posts: 493

Now before you react this guide is all out of my own experience (725h). Everyone plays differently with different perks and skills so before you respond keep in mind this is my opinion on a decent start in Dead by Daylight. I will start by making a build for survivor using 4 good perks and then order additional characters for you to unlock.

Claudette (free content)
My first tip is to start with Claudette, she has arguably the best survivor perk in the game wich is Self Care. I am pretty sure 95% or more of the survivors live by Self Care and only those more experienced or buildtesters go for different strategies. Besides Self Care Claudette also has Empathywich allows you to see injured survivors on the entire map at tier 3. Using this info you can judge on your injured teammates movements wether they are chased or not. This means you know wether you are free to repair or not. The moment you unlock these teachable perks I suggest you stop levelling Claudette. Empathy teachable is unlocked at level 30 and Self Care at level 40.

David King (free content)
David King has also 2 great perks to help you. The first one is a perk to help you survive longer wich is Dead Hard. By pressing a button (E on PC) you can dash and are immune during the dash wich when timed right prevents the killers slash from hitting you. Dead Hard has a 40 second exhaustion cooldown. The second perk is a perk to help you gain experience faster wich is We're Gonna Live Forever. WGLF provides at tier 3 25% additional experience up to a cap of 100% for each survivor you rescued from a hook or whenever you took a hit to safe a fellow survivor from beeing hit. (Tip: when the killer has a teammate on its shoulder let the killer hit you for a free stack.) WGLF is unlocked as ateachable at level 30 and Dead Hard on 35.

These 4 perks are very decent perks to begin with and it only requires you to level 2 characters. Keep in mind that the moment you start levelling David King you already unlocked Claudettes Self Care and Empathy teachables so they appear in his bloodweb aswell. So from here you only play David with the 4 perks mentioned. Self Care can stay at tier 1 but make sure you get the other three at tier 3.

Now that you got your base perk build to start farming and get used to the game I will show you the top choices of survivors to level next for their teachables based on the strength of their perks. Again this is all my opinion so I will order them in how I think they are strong compared to the rest of the survivors. I will add free content or DLC behind each survivors name.

Meg (free content)
Meg is probably the only survivor out there whos all three perks are commonly used nowadays. At level 30 you unlock the Quick and Quiet perk, at 35 Sprint Burst and at 40 Adrenaline. Both Sprint Burst and Adrenaline see a lot of play and Quick and Quiet is used in specific builds. The only reason I put Meg behind David King is because as a new player you simply want to unlock all perks asap and WGLF is the fastest way of doing so. Meg should deffo be your third choice without a doubt.

Nea (free content)
Nea has two perks commonly used and the teachables unlocked are Balanced Landing at level 30 and Urban Evasion at level 35. She also has Streetwise unlocked at 40 but I dont recommend levelling 5 extra levels untill you already own most of the current meta perks.

Dwight and Jake (free content)
Both Dwight and Jake have one perkthats commonly used and both of them are by teachable unlocked at level 30. For Dwight its Bond and for Jake its Iron Will.

Feng Ming (DLC)
Feng has one perk that sees play and thats Lithe. Lithe is unlocked as a teachable at level 35 but keep in mind that Lithe activates exhaustion so using it together with Sprint Burst or Dead Hard isnt ideal. Lithe is situational and based on preverence. The only reason I put her above Bill is because I personally think Litheis better than any of his perks.

Bill (free PC content)
Bill is a PC only character whos noteworthy perks are Borrowed Time wich teachable is unlocked at 35 and Unbreakable at 40. These are situational perks and based on personal preference are good or not. I never used any of his perks. For console users his perks are neutral perks so you dont need to level him.

Laurie (DLC)
Laurie has now one really good perk wich is Decisive Strike wich teachable is unlocked at 40 but this perk will be nerfed and thats why I put her down here.

Ace, Quentin, David T. and Kate all dont have perks you really need unless its for specific builds. I recommend levelling killers instead of these characters unlessyou want to unlock every single perk for survivors.

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