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The fifth constitutional wholesome republic of the fog Meetup

edited February 9 in Off-topic

Greetings people of the fog, people of the frog, moo moo's fans, moo moo's fams and other human beings, welcome to the fifth meetup of the fog. Let me introduce you to the Government Of The Fog:

Guardian of The Constitution: @AAAAA

Supreme Leader: @Cornpopers_Evan

Minister of Trees: @GrootDude

Minister of Compromise: @Fibijean

Governor of Haddonfield: @ShrekIsHot

Minister of The Swamps: @ShrekIsHot

Minister of Irrelevant Issues: @Skarkio

Speaker of The Senate: @Boosted_Dwight

Arch-Sherriff: @Masantonio

Minister of Lore: @CLAUDETTEINABUSH (J)

Guardian of Dwights: @CLAUDETTEINABUSH (J)


Guardian of Janes: @Bigbootiejudy666 (Currently banned)

Acting Guardian of Janes: @Watery

Minister of the Environment: @KillermainBTWm8

Chief of the Department of Sanitation: @pootis_Bear

Executive Rework Consultant and Announcer: @thefallenloser

Advisor of Killers: @Bigbootiejudy666

Head of Maintenance: @Spooky13 @Spooky

Minister of Communications: @CLAUDETTEINABUSH (J)

Minister of Teabags, Tea Leaves, and Other Tea Making Materials: @Seltas0208

We gathered here to discuss about three main issues/suggestions. I am happy to inform you that @Bigbootiejudy666 will be joining us soon. Though, let us begin without her.

First of all, Moo Moo's sleepingg place. @Bigbootiejudy666 herself asked for moo moo to be sent directly to Thomson's house. They believe that with moo moo there the map will get a rework and all this corn 🌽 🌽 🌽 will be removed. Also, moo moo will have a chance to reunite with their family again.

Secondly, the "demogorgon incident". We didn't choose who will take care of demo, and because of that he pooped all over the corpses of the map The Game. We need someone to clean them up immediately and to choose who will take care of demo from now on.

Lastly, the Legion has created many problems, we are asking for the removal of legion by either sending them to hell or at jail.

Thanks for joining so quickly. We need your help. Both of those who are in the government and those who are not. If you want to join just message @AAAAA she will happily accept your request.


Here is our discord server.


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