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Where is Autohaven Wreckers actually located?

FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 711
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The Realms of Dead by Daylight all seem to have an irl location, for instance:

  • Haddonfield, IL
  • MacMillan Estate - near Seattle, WA
  • Léry's Memorial Institute - Michaelstown, IL
  • Springwood, OH

Each one of these locations are implied either by the lore of the related Realm or by solid clues. However, there are two plausible theories for Autohaven Wreckers:

  1. Illinois - This theory is implied by the Illinois License Plate present on a parked car in Gas Heaven's garage. The Devs seem to put License Plates on cars on certain Maps according to its irl location, for example, Badham Preschool's cars' license plates are all from Ohio. It's worth noting that said license plate is outdated, used from 1977 up to 1984.
  2. Virginia - An old, removed Autohaven realm offering, Virginia Plate, implies that Autohaven Wreckers could be located in Virginia as well.

Which one do you think is valid?


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