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First Killer match of the day experience

4 man SWF with 2 toolboxes 2 Flashlight every single one of them rank 1 or 2, with headon build.

Me doing daily with spirit level 28 all perks level 1.

Sweat to demolish them getting headoned left and right, manage to 3 k the last guy on hook killed himself to give hatch, now i remember why i was playing survivor.

2 gens left.

yeah i pretty much want that juicy 4 k SWF dont deserve a hatch in my opinion.

Ah i almost forgot i blocked my strangers message on ps4, they send me a friend request with this written on it "gg trash camper".

bro i could have camped all match but ok, the last guy wasnt get camped and died on first hook cause survs have a fear to let someone get a 4 k.

accept the rank 8 killer being better and that you will lose if you play toxic


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