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This is how efficient pallet looping is!(7 tips)

chenaischenais Member Posts: 19

Pallets are a precious resource in dead by daylight, and wasting them will probably end up with the killer downing everyone really quickly.

1) Do not drop the pallet after getting hit! The speed boost is enough to make it to a new area of the map and waste a lot of time from the killer.

2) If you are at a pallet structure from witch you cannot see the killer, and the killer is doing a mind game, change of loop: run away. Otherwise you will either take a hit or need to waste a pallet.

3) For maximum efficiency, hug the wall closely, but not touching it.

4) When you find a pallet, do not camp it: turn around it to waste time from the killer before dropping it.

5) When the killer is quite far away from you and you see a pallet, keep running and get to an other loop. Same time wasted, but less pallets wasted.

6) Be aware that if the killer has enduring, make sure to drop the pallet in such a way that the killer does not get stunned, because he might have spirit fury, and if he does have it, the pallet will break and the killer gets a free win.

7) How to deal with a situation in witch you have a pallet with really short sides and nothing else? 2 ways. The first one is to try to stun the killer to get away. If you do this, be aware that the killer might respect the pallet and back peddle to get you, so its up to you to get the right timing. If you fail to get the stun, run to the pallet and act like you are about to vault: the killer will most likely back peddle, giving you time to escape.

Thanks for reading this guide!

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