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Survivor and Killer suggestion

ZelosmaijirZelosmaijir Member Posts: 10
edited February 9 in Creations

Not sure if any of you have seen "The Collector", but it was a really intense movie. It definitely fits the theme and the killer is scary enough to warrant insert in the game. I came up with a few ideas for Survivor and Killer roles off of this movie. Granted, lore wise, I might have missed who the killer was, but I think it seems like a guessable thing since the survivor recognized him but anway.

Survivor: Arkin ______ (Sorry I don't pay enough attention sometimes)

The survivor is really quite good and simplistic. Because I we don't want repeats or redundancies, lore-wise he's a dad who is a thief and can get out of sticky situations easily. His 3 perks could be:

  1. He disarms traps 50% faster (would go well with small game which would then become a better perk all around),
  2. He runs faster towards downed and injured survivors (within like a 32 meter range or whatever)
  3. For every injured survivor (other than him), he does actions like 10% faster. For every downed survivor, he does actions like 13% faster.

Keep in mind, I'm only trying to post max rank numbers, and these numbers might be over or under tuned, likely overturned. Please give feedback.

Killer: The Collector

In the movie, he really seems to like the concept of waiting, and then the target being an instant death (outside of his sadistic sense of torture), so he could really go two ways, for that I have several options.

1) If he goes bloodlust, he instantly puts a survivor into the "Exposed" state.

2) The entity slows progress of survivors on generators and vault speed for every injured survivor (2/4/6% per survivor?) and 3/6/9%? for every downed survivor. (also makes Oni stronger)


2) Injuring survivors feels enjoyable, for every injured survivor gain +3% movement speed. For every downed survivor gain +4% movement speed.

3) When palette stunned, the survivor stunning you gets "Exposed" for 60 seconds,

or (since already an exposed on this list)

3) A safe hook rescue feeds your anger, giving +20%? movement speed for 6 seconds.

His skill would be:

Start the game with improvised traps (8). These traps include 3 window traps, 3 palette traps, and 2 generator traps. A trap injures, or downs an injured survivor when attempting to interact with this object.


Start with more traps;

Start with specific traps;

Survivors make noise when popping a trap;

Traps cause Mangled;

Traps cause Exhaustion;

Create 1-2 traps that, even if disabled, still injure (or down) the survivor;

Get a trap that causes instant 'downed' state;

Decrease time for bloodlust on all non-obsession survivors;

Obsession starts the game in 'Injured' state;

Please, do share your thoughts! I hope this looks okay, and I would so much rather feedback about why it doesn't work than no feedback at all.

Posted to the correct area now I'm sorry

Best Answer

  • ZelosmaijirZelosmaijir Posts: 10
    Accepted Answer

    While admittedly this doesn't focus on the aspect of his love of bugs... which could definitely be a gameplay thing, I think that it would be better if there were spiders and cockroaches and things aesthetically running through the building itself (on his map). That kind of keeps it into the lore aspect, but also doesn't require trying to figure out how to make bugs work.

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