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HEX TOTEMS: Please stop spawning them near gens.

FlatskullFlatskull Member Posts: 332
edited February 2020 in Feedback and Suggestions

The biggest problem with hex totems is that despite the devs attempt to hide them better over and over again-and they succeeded. There ARE good hiding spots and got increasingly better- there are still HORRIBLE...just totally assured break spawns still in the game.

The worst offendeer for this is spawns EITHER A: near clustered survivors at start or B: near gens.

Survivors have a large radius around themselves for which they can see unless an object is in the way. Any totems that spawn near a gen is doomed to die at game start. Because: 1: There is little reason for most survivors to not split up and pressure gens early. Competent teams will typically split up for each far side of the map.

2: If a lit totem is near a gen it's almost always within direct view of when approaching it, working on it or when the survivor naturally swivels around to make sure no one is sneaking up on them.

Devs reworked ruined but sometimes I can't even get it into the game simply because the moment I see it's near a gen I know that's dead before the minute is out. I understand hexes are meant to be risky but they should be risky on account of the survivors action due its counterable nature not this horrible spawn spot.

Please devs. Give hexes the buffs they seriously need and make sure that they never spawn in small radius around gens and preferably further away from clusters of survivor groups. If possible.


  • MarcavecuncMarcavecunc Member Posts: 1,812

    Making them better hidden would be good. Making them spawn far from generators wouldn't, because then survivors would only search areas far from generators to find the totems, instead of needing to check the entire map.

    Oh and those spawns in the middle of nowhere with literally nothing to hide them need to go away.

  • FlatskullFlatskull Member Posts: 332
    edited February 2020

    I strongly disagree for the following reason:

    There is only so well you can hide something within a radius of the gen and in many maps it's just not feasible. Not without adding loads of crap into the tightly packed gen areas which I don't se happening.

    EG: the metal works. The gen and the totem are literally lined up so you can see it as you approach. Same with the junkyards.

    Any competent survivor first instinct is to split up and check gens. It's the first thing they do if they're not messing around. That's more because of the gen rush mentality the game tunnels in on. They were going to go to that en anyway. It has provided no detour. You just simply get lucky if the survivors don't split gen pressure, as they should to stop themselves being 3 gened.

    At least the totem is splitting up the party and drawing them away from gens. As it should in that case. Which can decrease gen pressure and lead to them being stuck in weaker paths. Most gen areas have escape routes, pallets and vaults for easy loops.

    But I do agree with the last part. Maybe a radius is the wrong term. I simply want the current spawns around gens to be removed. If they have to stay the gens areas would have to heavily reworked with loads of more objects and nooks to hide them away in.

    True. I've seen totems spawn under the rocks of those hills and while it sort of hidden if you approach from more than one angle it's basically a flare.

  • MarcavecuncMarcavecunc Member Posts: 1,812

    Yeah.. some spots are well hidden, unless you come at it from a specific angle, then it's super obvious. I've had super obvious ones last the entire game because no one happened to check the area, and better hidden ones get destroyed instantly because the survivors knew that spawn point existed and checked it

  • CrazyChicken_DKCrazyChicken_DK Member Posts: 45

    Just in general. Totems should not be visible from Spawns, Gens and hooks

  • KingFrostKingFrost Member Posts: 3,014
    edited February 2020

    Can we at least have them NOT spawn near survivors? I've spawned into the game, made my way to my hex totem to put a hag trap down, only for it to already be destroyed. It had ZERO chance to make any impact on the game at all. So I had to continue the match with 3 perks against 16.

    Would be nice if we could select a backup perk to replace the hex perk (Can't be another Hex Perk) in the event our hex totem is destroyed. But I don't see the Devs ever doing something like that. (Haunted Grounds would be an exception since it already punishes survivors)

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