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How do you play this game without offending people?

camkunimuracamkunimura Member Posts: 3
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Also please let me know of any hidden rules that i don't know about that I'm breaking. I honestly don't know how to change my play style because the game naturally plays this way sometimes. I also started watching videos and fast reading guides while the game makes matches for me.

I just got out of a game. I suck as a player. Last few games I've been doing better and finally leveled up skill in both survivor and killer for the first time in 2 weeks since i first started 2 weeks ago. Keep in mind i had to slave away in survivor to do some of the tomb.

I only started playing killer MUCH MORE today because i finally finished a couple survivor tombs and was tired of playing survivor.

The survivors were acting weird in this game. I was playing wraith. The very first survivor i caught was up against a building wall outside and i moved up to them and uncloaked and attacked. After this all the survivors started i guess what you guys call T-Bagging the pallets. This survivor did that and i just played into it because this was the first sign that i was automatically going to get taunted for the whole game. So of course i go up to the pallets and they wait till the last second to move and i attack and get stunned coming out of the cloak. So i assume just by being Wraith I'm going to start having bad games every time i play that killer. I should just not play him?

Assume for the rest of the game all Survivors T-Bagged and stun cloaked me every pallet.

Anyways i eventually catch first person and put on hook. This is what surprised me. I wasn't even trying to what is called "Camping" the hook. its just i had the perk that increases your vision by so many points so when ever i tried to leave the hook alone for a bit i would see them in the corner of my vision and turn back to stop them from taking the survivor down. Now obviously I'm trying to take down every survivor one by one so when i find 2 people I'm going for the hurt one to increase my chances of killing 4. Anyways they keep coming back, I keep trying to leave but see them, I turn back and attack. I tried to leave to patrol other Generators but kept seeing them hiding someplace and i would go to attack them.

I eventually got all of them and they only did 1 or 2 Generators... Sometimes I've even found their red running marks or bleeding marks and followed them back to the hooks of other survivors. This was only the second time that i got to kill 4 people in the 2 weeks or so that i've been playing. (First time was luck with Trapper since they 3 Gen themselves and i didn't realize they 3 Gen till i didn't have to run to the other side to patrol).

I got sent a message by one of the xbox 1 users that were taunting me. (am i not allowed to expose people on here? I want to provide maybe half a name with the rest being"***********"). They sent me this message "TRASH" in my xbox messages. I explained to them that i didn't know what i did to deserve being taunted and that i don't play killer that often. They replied "LOL". I reassured them I'm Level 11, Skill 20 Killer. Only played killer to do tombs. I explained i was surprised they kept coming back to the hooks. That i had tried to leave the hooks but they kept coming back too soon and i would see them. Only playing to get better at the game cause i suck.

Is it my fault that they kept coming back?

Am i supposed to ignore them and pretend i didn't see them and go for other people?

Should i not attack the survivor thats hurt and go for the healthier survivor?

Should I should just not play Wraith?

Also why are we not allowed to Report people for disconnecting? How should we report that? I had people disconnect and I've reported them because it makes the game much more difficult to play as a Survivor. I had someone disconnect supposedly in the loading screen to the game after i had waited for 5-10 (I know this because i watch Youtube guides that are 10-20 minutes long) minutes for a game after i had loaded in as a Trapper for like 10 seconds. It wouldn't say who disconnected in the loading screen in the rewards screen. I had to wait for another 5-10 minutes for another game. Just as aggravating when the killer disconnects.

And what does it mean when the Survivors stick around at the exit gates or hatches and run me around? Are they taunting me? I attack them anyway. Am i sending them some unknown message that i'm an [BAD WORD] since i attacked them at the gate? Are they giving me free points for a hit?(you get points for just hitting a survivor?). Should i calmly approach the gate if i see them there and slowly approach to let me hit them? I get this ALOT and don't know how to react to that.

  • Also please explain what these are?
  • Slugging
  • Tunneling
  • Streamsniping
  • Bodyblocking
  • Looping
  • Tapping generators with ruin

I know i suck as a survivor and killer but I'm trying my best to get better. Since there is no way to talk to in game please help me improve here in the forums.

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    Accepted Answer

    Ok m8 we have a ton to go through.

    First of all, you're the killer. Survivors tend to complain for everything. Ignore them and move on.

    Secondly, you need to learn when to uncloack. Don't uncloack in the middle of the pallet, that way you will be stunned. Uncloack a few meters away from the stun range (you will figure it out) turn your head on the right (or anywhere where the pallet isn't) in order to hide your red stain turn back facing the pallet (unpredictability) and smack em.

    Slugging: leaving a person on the ground and not picking them up off the floor. Killers do that if they down someone and see another survivor close to them.

    Tunneling: after an unhook to go chase the previously hooked survivor.

    Streamsniping: on platforms like twitch you watch a streamer and choose to queue up at the same time as they do in order to face them and ruin their day. People usually have a cellphone in order to watch the stream and know people's locations.

    Bodyblocking: blocking a survivor using your body ( by standing in front of them)

    Looping: being chased and with a few words

    Tapping gens with ruin: pressing m1 in a gen while in chase. It usually doesn't do anything since the new ruin regresses gens by default.

    That's all

    If you have any more questions message me!


    like that

  • FibijeanFibijean Posts: 5,928
    Accepted Answer

    Okay, that's a lot. I'll try to address all of it.

    Firstly, in answer to the title, it's impossible to do anything in life without offending people. So while it's nice that you want to avoid it, you shouldn't feel too bad if someone gets offended by something you do in the game, especially since you probably weren't even doing anything wrong.

    It's great that you're watching videos and reading guides to try to improve your skills. As for "hidden rules", there are certain codes of sportsmanship that some will hold you to more than others, but I will go into them in more detail later on when I address your other concerns.

    Also, congratulations on your second 4K 😊

    On playing as Wraith:

    If you're getting stunned out of cloak a lot as Wraith, I would advise you to do what we usually call "respecting" pallets. This means that you don't run straight at the pallet and try to hit them, you stop just short of the pallet so you don't get stunned, and then you break it after they drop it. Most survivors will drop the pallet when the killer gets within about a metre of it, but if you don't try to go straight through the pallet then you won't get stunned. You can't land hits while cloaked anyway, so there's really no point in rushing headlong into a stun. That being said, Wraith is not typically considered an extremely strong killer, especially not with just his base kit (that is, without taking perk builds into account), so you may have a more difficult time playing him than, say, Hillbilly, but if you enjoy playing with him there's no reason why you shouldn't keep trying. Wraith is certainly not impossible to play well, he's just not as easy as some of the other killers.

    On "camping":

    Obviously, it's not your fault if the survivors decide to make risky plays and get themselves caught. No sane killer is going to leave the hook if they can see survivors nearby. You did absolutely the right thing there, and no reasonable player, killer or survivor, would expect you to do otherwise.The same thing goes for if you see survivors while you're patrolling generators - it's a no-brainer that you would, generally speaking, go after the survivor and try to catch them instead of pretending you didn't see them and moving on. If the other players got upset at you for doing either of those things, that is their problem, not yours, and you should ignore any abuse they try to throw at you for it.

    On targeting injured survivors (aka "tunneling"):

    If you find two survivors in a group, and one of them is injured, you're right that it makes tactical sense to target the injured survivor. If the survivor in question is injured because you just hooked them, this is what the community generally refers to as "tunneling".

    The ethics of tunneling are complicated. On the one hand, yes, it makes absolute strategic sense to target injured players for an easier hook. On the other hand, it's very frustrating and demoralising for the survivor to be downed and hooked again immediately after being rescued, especially if this happens multiple times so they end up dying having spent most of the game hanging on the hook.

    This is where the rules of sportsmanship come in. The attitude I and most people who care about sportsmanship take to tunneling is that you should avoid doing it, if you can do so without putting yourself at a disadvantage. That is, if you know you can afford to not tunnel injured survivors and still kill all four of them by the end, then avoiding tunneling is the kind thing to do, even if it's not the most strategically efficient thing to do, because it ensures everyone gets a chance to play the match and enjoy themselves. Of course, if you need to tunnel in order to have any chance of winning, that's okay. No one should expect you to throw the game just for the sake of being nice.

    There are people who will tell you tunneling is toxic - don't listen to them. It's not toxic, it's a legitimate strategy, it's just not particularly kind. It's basically one of those "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" situations.

    On hate messages:

    Firstly, no, it's against forum rules to "name and shame" other players, so you did the right thing by not sharing their username, or any part of it, in your post.

    Secondly, you will get a lot of hate messages playing as killer, especially on console, and my advice to you would be to ignore them. It's obvious from an opening like "trash" that that person wasn't interested in having a discussion about the game or helping you improve, they were only interested in insulting you, and it's not worth engaging with people like that.

    If the insults or harassment get really out of hand, you can report the player to Microsoft/Xbox (not to BHVR, since they are not able to monitor or control anything that happens outside of their game, including console DMs).

    On disconnecting:

    Disconnecting is a bannable offence. The reason BHVR asks that players not report others for disconnecting is because the game already has its own in-build system for detecting and punishing players who disconnect. They will automatically get banned if they do it too often. The system is about to be overhauled, such that players will be punished every time they disconnect from a match by not being able to join another match for a certain amount of time. More details about the new system can be found in this post:

    I would strongly advise against reporting people for disconnecting, or for anything that you find upsetting but which isn't actually against the rules. Firstly, because it does nothing except waste your time and the Support Team's time, preventing them from being able to efficiently punish people who actually do break the rules. And secondly, because repeatedly reporting people for things that aren't reportable is itself a bannable offence, so you could get yourself in trouble by doing so.

    On survivors taunting at the exit:

    When survivors run around near the gates or hatch, it can be hard to tell what their intentions are. Sometimes they will do it just to taunt you and rub their escape in your face, or sometimes they're trying to lessen the blow by letting you get a few extra bloodpoints for hitting them before they escape. If they're running around, they're probably taunting. If they're just standing there waiting for you to hit them, they're probably trying to give you some consolation points.

    Either way, you should definitely go for the hit, if only to get the bonus points. It doesn't make you a jerk - if anything, they're the jerk for trying to run their victory in your face (if that is what they're doing). You may even get a last-minute hook or kill if a survivor gets too cocky and accidentally lets you down them too far away from the gate or hatch.

    On definitions:

    Slugging is when the killer downs a survivor, but doesn't pick them up and hook them immediately - so named because the survivors are unable to do anything except crawl around slowly on their bellies, like a slug. Killers may do this for all sorts of reasons, most of them strategically-based and therefore perfectly acceptable. Most survivors just don't like being slugged because they find it boring to lie on the ground without being able to do anything.

    I already explained Tunneling in-depth above.

    Streamsniping is not something that's exclusive to Dead By Daylight - it happens in pretty much all online multiplayer games to some extent. Basically, it's when you're playing the game, and another player (usually an opponent) is streaming it live, and you or your friends find their stream and use it to see what's going on in the game from the other player's perspective in order to gain a strategic advantage on your end.

    Streamsniping is actually not as common as some people believe - it's the sort of thing, like hacking, that people (streamers, in this case) will accuse others of without proof, just because the other person played really well. It is not considered by BHVR to be a bannable offence.

    Bodyblocking is when a player bodily obstructs another player's movement by putting their character in front of the other person's. It is sometimes bannable, and sometimes not, depending on circumstances. What you did when you pinned the survivor against the wall as Wraith, for example, was totally fine, because you did it in order to secure a hit - you didn't just stand there without doing anything and prevent him from moving indefinitely. Killers can do it to survivors, and survivors can do it both to killers and to other survivors, although killers are able to remove survivors from their path by hitting them, thus countering bodyblocking to some extent, in a way that survivors are not.

    Looping is a strategy employed by survivors to waste the killer's time during a chase. Good survivors assume they will go down eventually against a good killer - their aim is to waste as much time as possible before that happens, so that their teammates can repair generators. Because the survivor's hitbox is smaller than the killer's, they are able to round corners more tightly, and thus minimise the distance gained by the killer during a chase, and maximise time wasted. Usually, a survivor will loop as many times as they can around a structure with a pallet without getting hit, and then drop the pallet at the last minute, ideally stunning the killer. Other looping strategies include vaulting windows at opportune moments, or pretending they are going to drop a pallet or vault a window in order to trick the killer into missing an attack.

    Tapping generators is when survivors spam the "repair" button on a generator so that their character is constantly entering and exiting the repair animation. This ensures that they will never be working on the generator consistently for long enough to trigger a skill check. However, it also slows repair progress hugely, and for that reason is generally considered a bad strategy. Players used to employ this strategy most commonly when Ruin was in play, because the previous version of Ruin, which was reworked about 2 weeks ago, caused Good Skill Checks to regress generator progress by a fairly significant amount, though not significant enough to make this strategy worthwhile.

    I hope that answers all your questions - please feel free to let me know if you have any more!

  • JnnsMuJnnsMu Posts: 175
    Accepted Answer

    You don't. Just don't do the obvious stuff (abusing bugs, actively trying to get teammates killed, holding the game hostage somehow etc.) and you'll have nothing to worry about. Play the game the way you enjoy playing it. If you do this and someone gets offended then it's simply their fault and you shouldn't give them the satisfaction of you feeling bad about it.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Posts: 5,920
    edited February 12 Accepted Answer

    I think if the team is serious about crushing you than you won't make much BPs... even if you meme.

    In this case, you could've memed the situation, but they probably still would've been negative towards him for no real reason. I personally don't think memeing the situation was the answer for the OP, since they genuinely wanted to know what they did was ok or not and just know basic things that'll give them insight on the "slang of DBD" and what have you.

  • FibijeanFibijean Posts: 5,928
    Accepted Answer

    I'm sure it will! And I think not getting tilted by people trying to bully you is the right attitude to take. Jerks will be jerks, in games and in real life, and it's best to just leave them be and move on. Toss them a "gg :)" after the game, if you like - nothing takes the wind out of a bully's sails quite like friendliness.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Posts: 5,920
    edited February 12 Accepted Answer

    It eventually will, overtime you'll learn easier routes and strategies to chases and eventually get used to the meta of Mid/Top Tier DBD.

    It's best to play how YOU want to play, even if it doesn't abide by hidden rules that players made to benefit themselves and not you, it's good to think about others to make the game more fair and even for both sides, but if you cripple yourself to just please other people you'll eventually find no enjoyment in playing the game, doing so will only ruin the experience for yourself in the end.

    At the end of the day, improve upon your mistakes and get used to how the game operates, don't set unreasonable standards for yourself that others want you to abide by, it's best to play how you want to play but it's good to think of others and how it might seem "unfun" for them as well.

    By "unfun" I mean how being tunneled to death or being camped to death isn't fun for a Survivor and for a Killer as well... since playing the same strategies will eventually leave a Killer feeling hollow and unfulfilled in their chases. Don't cripple yourself just because the match wasn't fun for someone, even if you played as fair as possible for them.

    I want to suggest a video for you to watch...

    This video below focuses on many of the basic tiles (Aka Loops) that spawn in most of the maps on DBD. The Video itself is kind of dated when it comes to maps like Hawkins and Lery's being added/reworked, but most of the maps that have these tiles are left unchanged, so it's not really that big of a deal.

    Most maps like The Game, Lery's, and Hawkins don't have these tiles, but instead have unique ones or different types of these tiles in their map layout, but this video should still be informative on what you should do in a chase as a Killer and how you effectively use these tiles as a Survivor, it gives both players of each role the insight they need on how to face a Killer or a Survivor, depending on the role you're in.

    anyways, here's the video on basic tiles/loops

    (Side-Note) Again for context, this video was made before maps like Hawkins were made or maps like Lery's being reworked, so don't worry about those changes as most of these tiles are not shown on those maps anyways and instead are shown on the more common maps like Azarov's, Macmillan Estate, Cold-Wind Farms, Badham Pre-School, etc.

    I hope this might help you in any future chases as a Survivor or Killer.


  • mike4156mike4156 Member Posts: 113
    edited February 11

    do funny stuff as the killer, slug but dont camp, maximize everyones points not just killer, but without farming. i like to 360 knife people lol or moon walk n shake my head xD or if i play ghost face i tbag behind a window lmao.

    you may not pip this way but ull maximize bloodpoints so who cares, unless rank really matters to you.

  • camkunimuracamkunimura Member Posts: 3

    Thank you All. I’m still open for more feedback till mods close this thread.

    For an update I have met some nice people like those who have contacted me after a match on Xbox and gave me tips on what I was doing wrong.

    “Herth man” in specific used voice chat with me in which I believe his group talked to me through him. Coached me on some tips on playing Nurse cause I only used her to level her up and finish a mission on a broken glitched tomb.(The damage 2 Gen in 1 match. Had to look up that I had to hold down the action button till I saw sparks on the Gen to do “1” gen). His group still teased me in game but his talk made me realize his group or at least him had empathy.

    On the other hand I realized it does not matter how I play the game after more matches and thinking about this thread and reading the replies.

    I haven’t gotten any more trash talk replies to me but the 1 time I played Wraith today someone disconnected in match and they all taunted me and I really gave them a chance to play that round fair and square. I didn’t attack the injured survivor in the case of following 1 back to a hook, I didn’t body block even though it was a better position to be in than a chase, I ignored the hooks I got a bit, and I didn’t tunnel the same person more than the first hit I got on them. Still had the Tbagging and they went further this time they ran around my character in circles at the exit and I just stood there using secondary powers and not hitting them trying to push them to escape cause I admitted defeat because I threw the match for them. Wasn’t really fun on my end cause I was thinking of all the hidden rules in this game.

    Even when I sucked at killers the survivors ran around me in circles as I stood there pushing them out the gate or stood facing the wall in the gate opening. I no longer have reactions to this since this is normal in this game. For people to [BAD WORD] on other people is normal like IRL. Just have to not care and play the game like how I want to and conform to how the community is here.

    Even as a survivor it is hard. Had a team and all 3 other survivors disconnected on me against The Pig. The killer (“GIVE x BIRTH”) “gg” me after. Pig said it is normal.

    I am thoroughly enjoying the game, though I am sucking at it, now that I have come to terms with the community. Hopefully hard work will pay off.

  • RieRie Member Posts: 77

    You hit the uninstall button.

    On a more serious note: play however you want.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 5,920

    I think most people want you to play the way they want because it only benefits them for the most part.

  • OicimauOicimau Member Posts: 221

    Toxic players will aways feel offended.

    Healthy players know that its a game and sometimes you can get frustated and accept it.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 5,920

    Right, I can't say I haven't felt frustrated with how some mechanics work from time to time, but it's how it is and I learned to accept and adapt past these quirks.

  • OrangeJackOrangeJack Member Posts: 165

    I'll at least get a minimum of two toxic players a day playing this game.

    Either post-game or during the game.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 5,920
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