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How to fix your pig gameplay

chenaischenais Member Posts: 19

The pig is a character witch requires quite some knowledge, for realizing when to use ambush and crouching. Here are 7 tips for pig:

1) Ambush ability: when you know someone is on a generator, instead of using ambush, you uncrouch yourself and yoink the survivor! Make sure to uncrouch before you are right next to the survivor, because since uncrouching takes time, you need to start uncrouching before getting to the generator for a maximum chance of success. This tip comes from Ardetha.

2) The ambush: when you are at a loop, you can crouch and make an ambush attack to get a hit.

3) Make sure to position yourself at the pallet is possible, otherwise the survivor will just drop it on your head (less chances of success).

4) Make sure that you do not try the ambush mindgame with a loop with really long sides, otherwise it will just fail.

5) Some survivors just run away when they see you crouch. This is why you can crouch to fool the survivor and make him run away, but then cancel the crouching and get a hit.

6) For the crouch ability: do not always crouch everywhere, you are going to waste too much time. Only crouch to a survivor if you either have a perk to tell you (I recommend you put them on the pig as they are really good) or:

7) if they are at least 2 generators really close to each other/ it is an indoor map. Note that if you crouch too late before coming close to a generator and survivors hear your heartbeat, they might doubt that something is wrong.

Ps: The title is not meant to offense you, it is just meant to be interesting for people who look at it.

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