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Who’s your killer main and why?



  • Legionmain0517Legionmain0517 Member Posts: 34

    Ez comment. This thread has my name written all over it man!

    Legion is honestly and truthfully my current main on DBD. Its honestly just the playstyle that grabs my attention. A build of mine involves:


    -Im All Ears


    -Blood Echo

    With the extended Feral Frenzy and Legion Pin. You'd be surprised how many easy downs you can get if you manage to keep everyone injured. If you can keep up decent pressure, you can force people to stay injured constantly, and I'm All Ears makes for easy cleanup if the opportunity arises. For those looking to try Legion, understand that your skill as an M1 Killer is going to be put to the test. Even as a lower tier Killer, if a good Legion can get the survivors in an unfavorable position, these are the times when he can capitalize best. And dont be afraid to use that power either. The amount of free downs the killer instinct can give you is hilarious. All of this is exactly why I main Legion.

  • andyollollollandyollolloll Member Posts: 940

    I main whichever is fun so none until the game gets balanced against sweaty SWFCs

  • SamuraiDragon27SamuraiDragon27 Member Posts: 65

    Oni, I enjoy how he controls and his power is really good

  • ninjabsbxninjabsbx Member Posts: 14

    I'd say Oni, Ghostface, Myers, Demogorgon and Doctor

    Out of all the 4 i'd say the oni is what i am enjoying the most because i love his bloodfury mode and when i am against him i try to hide as possible.

    Ghostface cuz of stealth aspect.

    Myers because i love to put fear in survivor (Also because of Karma lol)

    Demogorgon because he is so cool and scary.

    And doctor i started to enjoy him a lot because i hated to switch stances and i love that he discourages altruism because of his static blast.

  • Liquid0810Liquid0810 Member Posts: 7

    Trapper mainly because hes easy to play with and the thought of grabbing someone by surprise with a trap is well worth it! He cant be looped as easily if you smart with your traps. For that reason trapper is my #1

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 3,575
    edited February 13

    Michael Myers.

    Aside from being a huge Halloween fan, I love his playstyle. He is such a versatile killer when it comes to builds, too. Scratched mirror being my all time favorite.

    I never get bored making survivors believe in the boogeyman.

  • Jigsaw_pprentice1993Jigsaw_pprentice1993 Member Posts: 178

    The pig cuz im a huge saw noob and she is very underestimated

  • Nunya_NunyabizNunya_Nunyabiz Member Posts: 30


    because there's something fun about leveling up in a game for me I guess just knowing I'm getting stronger does a lot for my enjoyment

  • korean_zombiekorean_zombie Member Posts: 430

    I’m loving trapper. +1 on making the brown trapper bag add on base kit.

  • JohnbleJohnble Member Posts: 175

    Legion. Gets a lot of crap. Makes me learn how to improve my skills since I don't have NOED or anything for them and can't rely on perks.

  • sunstarsunstar Member Posts: 6

    I like the hag..just fun for me!

  • ShivadeathkissShivadeathkiss Member Posts: 94

    The doctor. Love his laugh and I love to make the survivors scream.

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