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Do you think the devs should add in cosmetics you can get using devotion points?

DepressedNurseMainDepressedNurseMain Member Posts: 230
edited February 10 in Polls

I was wondering what you guys would think about the devs adding in a token system for each devotion level you gain, for example each time you gain a devotion you get one token and with those tokens you can get cosmetics that look neat.

Like how they have been re-texturing some outfits for survivors and killers, I wonder if it would be ok if they released a re-textured legacy-esk outfit that was glowing red or (insert color), so legacy would still be exclusive to old players, but we would be able to unlock some awesome outfits for getting to that level 100.

Do you think the devs should add in cosmetics you can get using devotion points? 36 votes

Yea, that would be great.
Techn0kodiakyHeartboundASurvkillivorerAxX7891Mert_MKPopcornchicken11Walker_of_the_fog_96then4321Boosted_DwightReaper23Yung_SlugVanillaIceCream10grapplesHazDaBoiDeath_Syko18JoelwinoAzgarthusKai6864DepressedNurseMain 22 votes
No, that's a bad idea.
anonymous31337Pepsidot 2 votes
I'm mixed on this.
Brucecastro81fly_172IcewhisperAnthony151201Pok 5 votes
I like turtles.
BossFibijeanAshleyWBpalletsryummySpannungsstoßFilledPizzagungle 7 votes
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