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Today's Teachables: David King

BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 8,665

His Teachables: We're Gonna Live Forever, Dead Hard, No Mither.

Which of the 3 would you put in your last Perk slot if that slot only allowed David Perks?

Today's Teachables: David King 39 votes

We're Gonna Live Forever
twistedmonkeyAdelooFibijeanCrtKazzAshleyWBUnnamed_FreaktoxicmeggAwakeyDetailedDetrimentasergioaminferjusWarcrafter4 12 votes
Dead Hard
BossPandomMrDardonzacmangamingCheersTCarslaNHeartboundGrootDudeBoosted_DwightKees_TPennosukeDr_LoomisAhoyWolfSunaIIanuCarlosyluBrucecastro81Namelessanonymous31337Yung_SlugKeelah 25 votes
No Mither
HoodiedSpannungsstoß 2 votes


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