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Rank 1 Killvivor

NMCKENMCKE Member Posts: 4,377
So, I reached rank 1 on both survivor and killer! I wanna share my builds so I can help the players that are struggling to reach rank 1 on both killer and survivor.

Survivor: Anti-Nurse

This is a great build for reaching rank 1 with since you'll have a lot of nurses. Calm Spirit helps confuse the Nurse when she's fatigued on what direction you went when she injures you. Pharmacy is a great perk IMO, your guaranteed a rare med-kit on your first chest search and can heal you faster than Self Care. Urban Evasion is for the stealth and can help you evade the Nurse plus other killer's more easily! Stake Out is for Ruin, you can be immune to four Ruin skill checks if you have four tokens and can help speed generator repairs if the killer has no Ruin.

The killers in the () are the most effective with this build. Remember, this is MY opinion.

Killer (Huntress, Nurse, Billy, Pig, and Hag): Anti-Genrush/Punisher

Generators will be your main concern when at high ranks since survivors will want to escape as fast as possible and give you as little time to work with. Nurse's is great on killers that can instantly punish a survivor healing in NC range, for example Huntress can throw a Hatchet and Nurse can blink directly to the healing survivor. Nurse's is okay on other killer's but it won't be as effective since you have to walk to the survivor and give them more time to react. Ruin buys you more time against survivors who really want to escape the trial and can buy you tons of time if the survivors are bad against greats. BBQ is great on all killers but again like Nurse's, if you have a killer that can instantly punish a survivor for being farther than 40m from the hook... You can instantly start another chase or even get a early hit! Iron Grasp is opinional but I find it useful for taking on strong SWF survivors or coordinated survivors if they try and body block your hook. You can at least down 2 survivors within the time the carrying survivor wiggles free, really underrated perk!

Killer (Huntress, Nurse, Billy, Pig, and Hag): Surprise Mori

Same build as the one above but with Devour Hope instead of Ruin. This allows survivors to rush the generators and take their focus off on totems! If survivors are focused on generators instead of totems then you'll get 3 or sometimes 5 tokens on Devour Hope! Being able to 1-hit down a survivor is drastic since chases will be shorter and if you can mori a survivor... That's one less survivor on a generator and will slow down the game! Now if the survivors do look for totems then that means they aren't doing generators so it's a win/win for you unless they spawn close to your totem or you have a bad totem placement. My next build will be the best one out there IMO if your Hex totems keep getting destroyed!

Killer (Works with every killer): Anti-Genrush

What's different is NOED and ToTH which are your win conditions. Finding and destroying one totem is usually very easy but finding and destroying five totems is really difficult, especially if they rush the generators within a short amount of time. Survivors will either waste time finding at least four "dull" totems and destroying them or give you a strong late game since they couldn't destroy all "dull" totems. Why are dull totems so important? You need at least one for NOED and you can keep track of how many dull totems you have by subtracting one from the number on your ToTH perk icon! It's basically the same thing with the build above but they need to do more to disable a single perk called NOED.

Hopefully this helps the people who are struggling at reaching rank 1 for both survivor and killer! Please tell me your feedback on my builds and some problems you had with it! Thank you! :)

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