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Build Request: A Rank 1's build to support a rank 20 friend's first game

themirrortwinthemirrortwin Member Posts: 168
edited February 12 in Guides

Ok, so I am a rank 1 survivor. I have basically all perks unlocked and have mastered the game.

My rank 20 friend and I went into a custom match where I taught him the basic of looping, etc.

What should my build be to maximize his fun? Suggestions?


  • Murd3rousClyd3Murd3rousClyd3 Member Posts: 25

    Bond, Sprint Burst, BT, Quick and Quiet.

    Bond so you can keep an eye on him at all times. Sprint Burst so you can get to him and take killers aggro if necessary. BT so you can unhook him safely. Quick and Quiet so you can quietly vault while running to him. Q&Q isn't necessary, but my wife plays from time to time, and it's helped me with countless flashlight saves.

    This is the best I can think of. As for items, you can use a flashlight to save him. OR use a Rainbow Map with the slow burning gel, and Crystal so that you can show them where they need to go. A glass bead will work too, for marking where the hatch is, or where you need him to be.

    This is just what works for me to make the game more bearable for my wife.

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