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Big warning for BIOSHOCK players who are going play B2 next, about SAVES

stevejock1stevejock1 Member Posts: 1

Short story: I completed B1 and started B2. When I proceed to next level after half hour, AUTOSAVE couldn’t be done, even manual SAVE couldn’t be done because it said that save memory is full.

So basically I lost my progress there. So I went to reddit and found solution.

Solution: Before playing BioShock 2 you must DELETE at least few of save (max is 10) from B1 because save storage is shared between these two games so when you got 10 saves in B1 then B2 is not able to save.

I dont know who made this system in 2016 but just clap clap.

I hope I saved you at least hour of unsaved progress that u would have to play again.


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