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How to deal with the horrible crap that indoor maps are for survivors(7 tips)

chenaischenais Member Posts: 19

Indoor maps suck for survivors. When you get them, you wanna fall asleep and it is a "gg". Or is it? Here are seven tips to get over indoor maps when playing survivor.

1) If you want to just avoid indoor maps straight away, you can ask in the chat if a teamate would be nice enough to put a map offering that is not Lery/ the game/ hawkins. You would be surprised on how rare it is no one put on a map offering.

2) When playing on Lery, you will notice they are 3 pallets in the middle room. These are unsafe pallets. Well here is how you can use them: you drop the pallet when the killer is right on the other side. He will go around. Run away from like almost nothing and then run back to the pallet until you touch the pallet. Then, turn around: the killer will probably double back, giving you time so you can make a quick escape.

3) When on lery, try to complete the generator in the middle room. This will allow you to know where basement is and make it so the killer wastes more time patrolling in the end game. If a survivor is hooked, do not leave the generator unless the hooked guy is really close, because a teamate will unhook him anyways and completing this generator will help a lot in the late game. If the killer finds you, try to lure him away from that generator so it could be completed by a teamate.

4) For the game, the hatch always spawn on the lower floor.

5) Also, be aware of ressources on each floor. For exemple, if you realise they are no pallets on one floor, go to the other one. Also, if you realise they are no generators getting done on one floor, go the other one to avoid getting 3 gen.

6) For the laboratory, generators are harder to find. Here are a few exemples of places where you can find generators: When you see the stairs, follow them. In one of the tiny rooms that are far away from the stairs, you will find a generator. Also, to find a generator, try to navigate on the edges of the map: there are often generators there. Finally, there will always be a generator in this place, in the top floor of the room:

7) For Hawkins, try to fake a window vault when at the small room with 1 pallet, 2 windows and 1 or 2 entrance/s. Then, go to the other window and vault it: you can make it to the pallet then.


  • Mak0Mak0 Member Posts: 123

    The place you're referring to is called the rift lab or portal room. Hawkins has alot of unsafe loops so cutting line of sight by going into rooms cutting corners is your best friend on that map

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