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How to deal with killer crutches (7 tips)

chenaischenais Member Posts: 19

In dead by daylight, killers have a lot of annoying add ons/ offerings that are incredibly frustrating to go against. Here is a tip for each of them:

1) Iridescent head, from the huntress: When at a pallet loop, the huntress will almost always throw a hatchet when using the 1 shot add on: you can exploit this by keeping running, witch will cause the huntress to miss her hatchet. You can also drop the pallet, go to the left and then suddenly turn to the right, witch is a trick that never failed for me.

2) Mori offerings: if you are about to go down, a locker is nearby, the killer has a secret offering and you got hooked once, jump in a locker. There is a small chance the killer forgets he has a mori, giving you an extra life.

3) If you realise Myres has infinite tier 3, do not waste time healing. He will 1 shot you anyways.

4) For instant saw Billy: if you see that Billy raise his chainsaw very early when at a loop, be ready to fake a window vault, because it is probably instant saw (fake window vault is you run to the window and touch it but turn back and not vaulting).

5) For the tombstomb add ons from Myres: if you know he has tombstomb, you can jump in a locker. The real danger here is to realise he has it before it is to late. Myres is tier 3 and could have downed you by lunging but he did not? Weird. Myres seems really slow? Weird. Myres stalk you but leaves you without even trying to chase you? Weird. Myers take a lot of time to reach tier 3? Weird. If he does those things, be aware that he probably has tombs tomb add ons.

6) Prayer bead spirit: when you hear the weird sound, look around you: if there is a lot of grass or crows, do not leave the generator unless you see they move.

7) Spirit-fury and enduring: just assume killers with enduring have spirit fury.

Ps: sorry for mistakes

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