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Notification bubble fix and penalty

the notification bubble was made to help killers know where the survivors did a mistake, and at the survivors view the bubble notification shows where someone is hooked or stepped on a trap.

well first of all the bubble need some fixes asap cause the game has some errors since his release and its already time to fix

1- When someone is hooked the bubble sometimes hide auras or the killer. My fix for this is to make the bubble shorter (we are going to see the hook aura already y know)

2- In the killer POV a bubble has a noise notification too that can be abused by survivors example: you are hooking someone and the survivors dont stop entering lockers or jumping windows outside your presence or field of view. My fix for this is making a cooldown for bubble notification in the same spot(making it for survivors will not work cause they will rotate the notification bubble action one by one, like jumping in a loker one at a time) or removing the sound in the second fast action and giving a 3 seconds aura reading only. The reason is cause this action can only be seen by the toxic side (someone will say that they do to get the killer aggro/attettion but in a end game colapse you guys do this when the killer cant down you without you getting out), the aura reading will make the job in getting a aggro.

Abusing the bubble mechanic to trigger a killer player should give a penalty to the survivor like 10% the movement speed each time they did the action, or the entity holding them on the locker/window for a time that grows up like 1 abuse 5 seconds stuck 2 abuse 6 seconds (i am doing the example thinking that the survs are doing in a "safe distance" from the killer, the entity hold should set the survivor free after him getting hit, if the surv are set free without getting hit he gets a 3 seconds aura.

This mechanic doesnt should work on skill checks errors, and doesnt should work in a survivor being chased (but if others near him do they should get trapped still to avoid abuse when someone is on a chase) this will let the survivor free for a locker tech.

quick and quiet doesnt activate this only if the perk is on cooldown.

Please comment your opinions and balance suggestions.


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