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OK DEVS SOME MAPS NEEDS AN ASAP FIX (no im not talking about loops i am talking about HOLES)

ok azarovs sepulpture when the basement spawns inside an structure that inst shack when you get hooked you get throw out of the map and cant see anything even when rescued your screen will be out of the map.

the gas station map that i dont remember the name, there is a window near the entrance door that is always open, on the left of the entrance there is a balcony and a locker behind the balcony, well 2 meters before that window by the entrance there is a hole on the ground, if you jump the window you get your char into the floor level, when the jumping window animation ends you are inside the ground AGAIN, you can enter the locker and get out the ground walking away from the vacuum zone BUT if you get downed there the KILLER CANT PICK YOU UP NEITHER SEE YOU.

fix, this is my second post about that and no response from any admins till now.

also remove rails by the basement sometimes survivors run close to the wall of the staircase and get stuck,the rails didnt exist before cause you guys removed it and now its back.


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