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Seeing Blood warden used in the best way possible

TorchlightTorchlight Member Posts: 16

So last night I was in a 4 man SFW group (Dont worry none of us had DS unbreakable or BT, were all just low rank survivors chilling and doing archive stuff), and we were against a trapper. We played fairly well against him and got all five gens, exit gates were opened and all that.

Our Laurie went down so we went to pick them up, because he was slugging for some odd reason, 2 of us were at one gate and two at another. we eventually all get up and Laurie leads him away using object.

the three of us are chilling at the gate since Laurie is dead on hook, were just waiting for them to get here, she goes down and at this point the timer is getting a bit close.

And then it happened, Blood warden activated when there wasn't 60 seconds left in the trial, and our comms light up with laughing, we were so cocky about only having a 1k game that we all ended up dieing in the end.

I plan to use this strategy against any other cocky SFW groups I get and see them absolutely panic.

To the spinning trapper known as "Spintowin", you have my respect


  • yobudddyobuddd Member Posts: 875

    I’ve done that while doing my best to look like a super noob. Miss my attacks, lose chases, attack pallets before “figuring out” which button to break them. Same with gens.

    The survivors get super cocky once they’ve all seen me be terrible.

    Gates open, but they need to taunt. No fear leaving the safety of the exit area.

    But then, woah, all of a sudden they can’t lose me in a chase. Timer ticks low. Someone actually goes down! I hook, but “take the bait chase” so someone can rescue quickly. We all run to the exit and, yup, they toast! Extra crispy

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