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dbd mobile beta test bad matchmaking

nikujonnikujon Member Posts: 27

always unfair fight with survivors like killer hillbill level 1 vs 1+10+15+15

always fight with toxic player & die(moron die) because waiting me in exit place(old trick in friday 13thday game) or even trying find me to doing toxic move when the map gonna explode,like the boat will open save you to escape but you want die in peace in tsunami attack... stupid maintained(2 victim & thank you for meat)... control scream ghost face is very hard in mobile ver,but very delicious when play in nintendo switch(server is die... always MOBILE)

human or simpanse form become arrogant because only always win from noob killer like me... yes... creature code name: human... always like this like friday 13th day game i play 205 hour in nintendo switch... so the motto"play heathly" is gone,you called your are true gamer but your mouth like dog fruit?(jengkol),look in the mirror first... why play game must doing toxic move?,is becuase boring?,i'm from indonesia... the victim buy dbd nintendo & buy scream keygen but not include offline mode to play anytime without toxic player... that why i need bot... but lost money again to buy scream di mobile ver... double scream... double menjerit dev...

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