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Survivor Perk - Fake Out

KaraageKaraage Member Posts: 276

I made similar perk already, but this one makes more sense I think.

Fake Out

When Injured, press the Active Ability button to avoid damage, scream and put yourself into the Dying State.

While in Dying State after using this perk:

  • You do not leave Pools of Blood
  • Grunts of Pain are reduced by 100%
  • You are able to fully recover from Dying State
  • All Survivors receive 10% Luck Bonus

Fake Out has a cool-down of 100/80/60 seconds.

Comment: Luck Bonus is mainly there to notify others that You're using Fake Out and don't need help


  • TheChinCollectorTheChinCollector Member Posts: 46

    Is this meant to be used in a chase or do you use it to lure the killer?

  • KaraageKaraage Member Posts: 276


    Main use is similar to Dead Hard. Killer swings, You Fake Out and play dead, essentially. Killer leaves You to slug others, You crawl away to safety stealthily or get up right away.

    You can use it outside of chase too if You like crawling around, but main purpose is baiting Killers into thinking they downed You.

    But of course, it's very risky. If Killer just picks You up right away or before You recover, perks becomes useless.

  • TheChinCollectorTheChinCollector Member Posts: 46

    How would it show up on the killer’s end? Would they get the points for downing you? Would the attack cool down animation happen? I could see some issues occurring for whenever a huntress would have hit you with her hatchet or any other potential ranged killers they might create.

  • yobudddyobuddd Member Posts: 1,315

    I’m not trying to be critical, so I’m sorry if it sounds like it. I just think I’m misunderstanding something and want some clarification.

    If the killer hits you, isn’t it still the same effect as the perk essentially? As in, he either picks you up or he doesn’t? I see the benefit from added luck and no noise, but it seems that this perk is entirely riding on the killer planning to slug you anyway.

    Worded a different way, what’s the difference between dodging a hit with Fake Out and taking a hit with Unbreakable? Is the recovery from dying state meant to be significantly faster? Or instant? If that’s the case, then yeah, I see a lot of uses for this perk!

  • KaraageKaraage Member Posts: 276


    Hey, they just mentioned it in last Devstream, all feedback is a good feedback, so criticize me all You want ;) I myself am not totally sure about this perk and how it could work, I just want a perk that'd let me crawl anytime I want.

    As You said, "this perk is entirely riding on the killer planning to slug you". It is meant to counter slugging, similar to Unbreakable.

    Difference between this perk and Unbreakable is that it is more stealthy and can be used multiple times. Practical example would be: You Fake Out near another Survivor and/or Generator, Killer leaves You for a second to hit/chase the other Survivor or pressure Generator, You crawl away/hide in nearby grass, Killer comes back and can't find You since You don't leave Blood or make noise.

    If the killer hits You, the perk doesn't activate. You leave no Blood, make no noise and can recover only if You go into Dying State using Fake Out. If the Killer downs You normally, the perk doesn't work. And since You can only Fake Out while Injured, the perk is countered by instadown abilities, in which case Unbreakable is better.

    Added luck is there to inform other Survivors than You can pick Yourself up and to leave You down. Unbreakable has no such feature.

    "what’s the difference between dodging a hit with Fake Out and taking a hit with Unbreakable?" Ultimately, Your end goal is the same - pick Yourself up. Unbreakable offers quicker recovery and is undetectable by Killer, as in they can't discern whether Survivors are using this perk or not. Fake Out offers more stealthy recovery, has multiple uses and rewards crawling away to hide from Killer. It can also be used outside of Chase, since it doesn't require You to be downed by the Killer.

    Unlike Unbreakable however, Fake Out would be easy to notice by the Killer, which may be its biggest flaw. First of all, using the perk You dodge the attack. So no hit animation for the Killer, no wiping off blood from weapon, no BP score event, no Save the Best for Last stacks etc. Second of all, You make no noise while down, while normally You should be loud. Fooling concious Killer using Fake Out may prove to be difficult.

  • SneakyPigMainSneakyPigMain Member Posts: 31

    It seems like a worse Dead Hard really. Perk has most of No mither's effects, luck bonus should probably be replaced with something more noticeable and usable like a small haste bonus maybe like 1 or 2 % nothing gamebreaking. Cool idea but also a weird one. Maybe I just don't get the appeal of it.

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