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DC'ed by the game yet I still got a 5 minute ban

JamieLee2kJamieLee2k Member Posts: 9

PC Platform

Here is a little video of me getting disconnected by the game yet I was punished, Sort out the bugs Behaviour


  • JawsIsTheNextKillerJawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 1,617

    There is no way to differentiate between a genuine network disconnect and a user-simulated one.

    If it only happens occasionally it is no big deal. If it happens more than that, you need to check the quality of your network/Internet.

    This change was needed to prevent the abuse of deliberate DCs.

  • bd51698bd51698 Member Posts: 5

    I believe jamie, it's happened to me to ever since the disconnect penalty was put up. It's never happened to me before. I kinda doubt he would pull the plug on his internet or anything like that because people now are probably to afraid of disconnecting now. I was dc'd from a match a bit after it started as soon as i was hooked, someone was coming for me but he was running in a wall as were all of the other survivors, i took a pic it shows that the killer disconnected as well as i though which was pretty weird.

  • JamieLee2kJamieLee2k Member Posts: 9

    If someone clicks the leave button then you can differentiate between someone who doesn't, this is a clear fail on the side of the devs, and for someone to say its not possible is just purely wrong.

    As for me pulling the plug you can clearly see from the video I was streaming it and my internet never dropped at all as I was still on the game and able to get back into a lobby, if I lost connection it would have closed the game and say I wasn't online.

  • PoppePoppe Member Posts: 5

    It also takes me out of the game constantly ... at the beginning of the game I hang up about 10 or 15 seconds and then follow 1 or 2 seconds and freeze again and take me out and my internet is fine and stable ... and I have to hold the BAN and add up ...

  • PoppePoppe Member Posts: 5

    Perdon mi ingles uso google translator

  • geishroygeishroy Member Posts: 121

    same [BAD WORD] happened to me jumping through a window on crotus. my character still remained in game as if i was there. pretty [BAD WORD] sweet game they got here, glad they have all these issues and a DC penalty now. I've got 2000+ hours in this game and i'm about ready to just quit playing this [BAD WORD].

  • Sillyzombie666Sillyzombie666 Member Posts: 19

    wait till all the streamers start getting dc bans on air for the game [BAD WORD] up

  • HellCatJaneHellCatJane Member Posts: 682

    Thank you so much for this proof. People seem to try to say your internet just sucks. Don't use "Mcdonalds" wifi.... I have had this happen too. And I think in the video I heard your teammate was ALSO dc'ed at the SAME exact time. Isn't that weird??? That has happened so many times to not only me but I see it in others too. I literally watched a game where 3 people dc'ed not intentionally SAME exact time. Literally as they were moving and doing stuff.... and only killer and 1 survivor was left.... It's the game or server or something. Not the players and not their internet. (Disclaimer: And I don't mean not always... sometimes... sure it is their internet etc. Other times its this going on.) This is an issue. It's like the server connection lagged for people and boom kicks people.

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