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I am getting dc'd from my games?

MrThatGuyMrThatGuy Member Posts: 2


So I am currently having an issue where in lobbies with people, it will randomly take me out and I will have to restart the queue. I thought it was odd because I it was taking me out because the queue was long but it was 2 minutes and I was in a lobby with 2 people. But I just thought it was the good' ol Bhaviour special so I thought nothing of it.

However I would get to lobbies with everyone and the game would start as normal, I would walk around as clown (I know, I hate my existance as well) and then I the game will end, saying that I dc'd and that the server we were on was closed, aka what happens when either the killer leaves the after game screen or all the surviviors do. But here's the kicker, I'm not getting dc penalties for this, but my offerings are being used up and my rank is still going down...?

Is this happening to anyone else, or is this something on my end I just have the big dumb?


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