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SWF * (No Mither + Breakout + sabotaging) = poor game mechanics abuse...

You can image what's gonna happen if a team of this kind gets into match. This is almost uncounterable. And even when it is, the game will be lost for the killer no matter what.

You can't slug em, can't hook em, so you just loose.

Ofc you can say: "Bring Agitation and Iron grip or smth like that" but how do i know i'm facing THIS kind of abuser team... Do i really have to take those 2 perks every match just in case?

Devs, pls, you have to do smth about this perk and mechanics combination atleast now, as you implement dc penalty, cause honestly id simply disconnect once i face this kind of a team.


  • BackToThePitBackToThePit Member Posts: 12

    No Mither, dude... With it you can recover as much as you want. Esp if you have Tenacity it becomes even more ridiculous. If there are atleast 2 ppl with voicecomm, this perkbuild and sabotage toolbox you can't do [BAD WORD] to killer them.

    You put 1 or even 2 down, take one up, and IF you are able to get him to unsabotaged hook, the other won gets up by No Mither and runs around with Breakout.

    I know most of the survs had no idea about this [BAD WORD] broken build, but if you meet ones that do - you're done...

  • Mat_SellaMat_Sella Member Posts: 1,210

    if you're having trouble killing people that are too busy being toxic and sabotaging/running 2 feet away from you, the issue is not SWF, it's you. plus the No Mither, they're all m1-able.

  • BackToThePitBackToThePit Member Posts: 12

    Dude dont you understand it? Yes, they can be m1-ed, all of them. But they just clear a territory of hooks and run straight there. You wont be able to hook em, and they will use Breakout for each other too. Also they ARE doing gens, why wouldnt they? They only need to sabotage couple of hooks around quickly and they're fine. Once they see me, they run off the gen to the safe area. This is unbeatable

  • BackToThePitBackToThePit Member Posts: 12

    They are doing gens... Why wouldnt they. There's plenty of time, since i cant kill any of them.

  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 570
    edited February 15

    They can't do gens from the floor

    It takes 4 minutes to bleed out. Recovering takes about 32 seconds. Just m1 them and leave them on the floor, they'll die the 8th time you down them and youre going to start snowballing and downing them very quick because the'll refuse to leave the area with the sabotaged hooks since you can hook them anywhere else and they'll run out of pallets in that area. If they run unbreak as well youll have to down them another 2-3 times.

  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 570
    edited February 15

    Accidental post please ignore

  • n000b51n000b51 Member Posts: 36
    edited February 15

    Are killers specialist of the "please developpers, you have to do something against it !" ?

    Sure they have to do, but if you expect something about this already nerfed perk for survivors, it clearly shows your killer's level and your lack of skills.

    Do you even heard about the Pig's Perk to prevent you if someone is sabotating your hooks ?

    It will give you something useful to do during this fictive & fancy scenario because I'm sure you don't have any record about this abusive SWF you never already have met ingame...

    But if you prefer give good meta ideas to your future SWF survivor teams to justify your legit topic and you are hoping to incitate developpers to work on an other useless detail instead of something increasing viability for this not-viable game, please go on !

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 988

    We do have an anti-sabotage perk. If you even suspect the survivors of bringing a Sabo-game, then use it. I'm sure that the devs would like to see this perk get SOME use after all.

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