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DC from the game while doing gen ??????

PsybuxPsybux Member Posts: 2

I am new in dbd , purchased it not so long ago. Played around 50h . This error happened tonight while i was playing as survivor . I started doing gen , and it DC me from the game. On its own free will. Only me .

There is no option for reconnect whatsoever , but issue is that i got 5min of penalty due to DC that i did not perform.

The game did it on its own.

Does anyone have idea whats going on and how to resolve this issue?

I saw many complains from last year but no updates . What is going on?


  • GaztelumGaztelum Member Posts: 1

    Same here man, some how i got DC from killer games 4 times in a row, 30 min ban each. every one of them was on the 5 first min. of the game.

    i verify the integrity of the game, install some new drivers, even disable the steam overlay and nothing, some times i only have a few hour to play and enjoy but it's not funny when in that time u are banned for no reason.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 1,417

    The problem is that you're somehow losing connection to the server, which could be almost anything simply due to the large amount of variables at play.

    First thing i'd do, if you're using wireless then switch to using wired. It's more stable.and can help.

    If on PC, you can also flush the DNS cache. How to do that is here:

  • PsybuxPsybux Member Posts: 2

    Done that , hopefully it wont happen again. I really hate when people DC from the game and report it instantly . But as Gaztelum mentioned, its not funny when you get time ban for ''crime u did not commit'' .

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