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Flashlight is overpowered

I will admit the flashlight before was under powered but now it is significantly over powered. I spent a good 20-30 seconds not being able to do anything in my last match. As soon as someone tried to flashlight me I turn away and it instantly stuns me anyway, when picking someone up its an instant stun even if you try to immediately look away.

Which thats fine I can work with that but if thats how the flashlight is going to function then it needs to have a much longer use cooldown. In my last match I had 2-3 people with flashlights and one would use it, I looked away, stunned anyway, as soon as that person turned it off the other person would blind me, and they sat there and rotated, it was absolutely ridiculous, I was trying to turn away and get away with them and it wasnt working. The cool down is so short that they can instant blind you and 2-3 seconds later do it again, its dumb.

I actually refuse to play the game until this is fixed because its just too ridiculous and unenjoyable to deal with this.


  • gunglegungle Member Posts: 27

    That is pretty stupid and I agree there should be a cooldown but we shouldn't make it to underpowered

  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 545

    Face walls when picking someone up and fake pick ups by standing above the body to lure flashlighters out and hit them or maybe get another down.

  • TroTro Member Posts: 169

    I love pple trying to flashlight save. They might get me the one time, won’t get it twice and if he’s trying to flashlight, he ain’t doing gens. Just lure them out and smack them, and if ur gonna pick someone up, face walls.

  • GuardianThanatosGuardianThanatos Member Posts: 4
    edited February 14

    facing walls doesnt work on the map with the fields or if you down them too far away from a wall. I actually was stunned a few times while trying to run sideways towards them so i wasnt even looking at them.

    Im not complaining about the instant stun what im complaining about is that the cd is so short that it can be rotated to stun you almost indefinitely if 3 people with flashlights are literally just following you and taking turns just spamming flashlight at you while the other person is just getting free generators.

    It needs a longer cooldown if thats the way they want to keep it. I actually play in 8+ ranks so people arent dumb and work together.

    The new way to play seems to just avoid gens, open chests, get a bunch of flashlights, send them after the killer while the last person does gens. Its dumb.

  • I_Face_CampI_Face_Camp Member Posts: 240

    Flashlights can be countered easily. They even lead to getting multiple downs because they will keep coming close when you go to pick up their teammate

  • GuardianThanatosGuardianThanatos Member Posts: 4
    edited February 14

    Okay explain to me how they can be countered easily. I had no problems dealing with them last month or any other time during the last year, I use to laugh at people who tried to use them. This month is completely ridiculous so im not sure if they were abusing a bug or something but its happened in a few games where I couldnt do anything because 3 survivors would get flashlights and just camp me while one got gens, they would stay far enough away where if i ran around swinging while blinded i wouldnt hit them, I couldnt even get away from them when I tried either because I was being chain blinded.

    I can see where being near a wall would be helpful but ive never been in a situation where I could down them close enough to one since ive been having this issue.

  • NoMitherPlayerNoMitherPlayer Member Posts: 158

    Yes you're right. Sadly you must slug in those cases. Flashlight doesn't work from too close. Yes there's something wrong with the cooldown... Don't even let them flash you once next time. Up your sensitivity for quicker moves? Just trying to help

  • HuntarHuntar Member Posts: 680

    Look up or down when someone tries to flashlight you, and you won't get blinded. And seriously, never got a down near a wall? Just time your downs better so you're not as vulnerable, and spin to a safer direction just before the pickup.

    Out of everything to complain about, flashlights aren't an issue.

  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 724

    Getting blinded is entirely your fault, cause its easily avoidable.

  • GuardianThanatosGuardianThanatos Member Posts: 4

    Okay if its easily avoidable then people are obviously exploiting the flashlight in higher ranks then and it needs to be looked into. As I have said multiple times I have never had an issue with flashlight until this month and used to laugh at people that tried to blind me with it. Now It instantly blinds so you CANNOT look away, no matter how fast you look away it doesnt work and even if im mostly looking away from them before they use it and come at them from an angle its still blinding me, that and there seemed to be no CD, if it did have one then it was 2 seconds.

  • MysticMusicianMysticMusician Member Posts: 63

    In my opinion flashlights are kinda broken and don't work. I have flashed killers for so long and nothing happens, then other times it takes like a second. When I'm killer, I've had people flashlight at me and I didn't technically get blinded for a long time, but then I've had it cause me to drop a survivor immediately.

  • HuntarHuntar Member Posts: 680

    This is a visual bug. The flashlight takes the normal amount of time to blind you, but the visual only appears in what seems to be the last 20%. Just pay attention to when you're getting clicked at, and avoid it like you would if you were 50% blinded at all times.

    Feel free to get clips of it happening and submit it on the bug report board.

  • Happy2Heal4YouHappy2Heal4You Member Posts: 89
    edited February 15

    Man if you think flashlights are stronger now you must not have been around back when they were literally insta blinds with no real counter play besides facing walls. From your wording of the problem with flashlights is that people can chain blind you right? To counter that, all you need to do is either look all the way up or all the way down and it will be impossible for the survivors to chain blind you. It’s that simple, and if you are worried about picking someone up, you should learn to bait out the flashlight savors and to face the wall when picking up if there is one near you. Once you know how to counter flashlights they are the weakest item in the game.

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 719

    I scoff at the notion of overpowered flashlights. HOWEVER, dedicated servers have done horrific things to the cues killers get that they are being blinded. I have repeatedly been able to see clearly and then received the throbbing eye effect almost instantly.

    I would appreciate if the devs addressed this issue, particularly because it decreases the effectiveness of the flashlight when being used for high-level gameplay techniques such as using the flashlight's beam brightness (essentially non-existant in most if not instances) before a pallet or a window to misdirect a killer's swing or mistime it.

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