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The Winter 2020 "Guess the Killer's Name" Competition!



  • whammigobambamwhammigobambam Member Posts: 1,052

    The jailer

  • CoderCoder Member Posts: 659

    Winter??? It's Summer!

    Oooh, you think only people from the northern hemisphere play this game, gotcha.

  • "The Slasher" watch it turn out to be Jason or something and the chains were just entirely misleading haha.

  • Man I would love somekind of werewolf so much. Watch it be some cheesy like human like werewolf of London kind though instead of an actual badass Dog Soldiers kind of lycan if they ever do something like that =/

  • Storml0rdStorml0rd Member Posts: 13

    The Hound

  • The teaser gives so little information even compared to previous teasers. Honestly I think the devs should drop some kind of very small hint, like is the chain attached to a survivor or a killer on that bloody side- because it looks like it is lower to the ground which would mean it's attached to someone and being pulled in the other direction, so it's not like a beast on a chain or anything, it would have to be a killer that has some kind of thing like scorpion from mortal kombat, or has some kind of chained weapon.

    I am really thinking it's just a non licensed, generic killer who grabs people with the chain like the stranger from Last Year.

  • DaRealxFactorDaRealxFactor Member Posts: 29

    The Demon

    The Order

    The Illusion

  • TheOhioHutcHTheOhioHutcH Member Posts: 178

    The scientist or The Alchemist

  • blue4zionblue4zion Member Posts: 2,332

    The Thrasher


    Crasher, Basher, and Smasher!

    No, where I’d get that? The Fireball!

    please someone get this 😂

  • PhantomMask20763PhantomMask20763 Member Posts: 5,176

    Gee it's so much harder rn with such little information we have. But I guess I'll guess with something like "The Imprisoned" I have a feeling those chains might not fully be the power

  • Star99erStar99er Member Posts: 1,123

    The Lycan

  • Science_GuyScience_Guy Member Posts: 1,529
    edited February 2020

    Ooh,a pin! (That explains the 92 notifications.) Thanks!

    But now I'm afraid no one will even come close.

  • 6yXJI06yXJI0 Member Posts: 551

    The Slave


    The Doge?

  • KycerKycer Member Posts: 337

    The beast

  • I mean it was announced before Valentines day, maybe it is the Miner from My Bloody Valentine.

    Haha doubt it though, no real "Chains" in that. Chains only come to mind in like, Pinhead, and when they chain up Jason Vorhees.

    So I mean chances are whatever it is, it is probably a killer they designed and not licensed. Unless they are just REALLY reaching with the symbolism of that chain. It's just not enough to even speculate with, just throw out random guesses lol.

    They gave so much less info than usual in this teaser though, which really makes me suspicious.

  • yobudddyobuddd Member Posts: 2,054

    The Brute


    The Pet


    The Yobuddd

  • KsoniKsoni Member Posts: 607

    The chainbreaker/chainwrecker

  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 3,002

    The Beast

  • deriasbderiasb Member Posts: 34

    The Unchained

  • Skizo_GirlSkizo_Girl Member Posts: 1

    Pinhead..hellraiser xd

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 2,377

    The Slayer

  • ClocksoClockso Member Posts: 853

    The Chain

  • Boaris030Boaris030 Member Posts: 130
    edited February 2020

    I would honestly LOVE a road hog/strangler/smoker killer. Instant main. Fav, buy DLC, something about grabbing people in games from a distance is always fun for me, ever since I first played the smoker from Left 4 Dead.

    My guess tho?

    I'm gonna have to go with

    "The Convict"

    because chain must equal prisoner? I guess?

  • smappdoodasmappdooda Member Posts: 426

    I'm in the minority thinking it's The Alchemist because lore and other stuff.

    If he smashes through stuff tho', why not "The Home Wrecker"?

  • xChrisxxChrisx Member Posts: 917

    The Wall breaker

  • ReapersWrath85ReapersWrath85 Member Posts: 18
    edited February 2020

    Most Known him as pinhead, the sexually anomalistic subordinate to the engineer until later on. Lead cenobite The Pope of Hell,(!Hell priest! -legit name,The cold man) and born as a 'Elliot Spencer' ,a British soldier, Which when his human side unbonds Pinhead goes psycho,brutal..idk how he would play tho, he can mentally control hooks/chains and even change there form, teleport, create illusions,ect..

    He does become more judge like, so "the judge", The Soul Collecter" two I thought suited him...know I mentioned many names. So Ill just say The Collector : \

    bet its not licensed since the other teasers were obvious..

  • NFTiger115NFTiger115 Member Posts: 8


  • RayrafLPPRayrafLPP Member Posts: 618

    The Unchained

  • 6yXJI06yXJI0 Member Posts: 551

    I've been dreaming about hooker killer since game launch.

    I hope I hope I hope!

  • Strange_ScarecrowStrange_Scarecrow Member Posts: 50

    The Creation / Trap / The corpse

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