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Does each survivor have a predetermined Jigsaw Box?

Just recently started playing the Pig and I had this question: Does each survivor have a predetermined box that they can take their hat off with? More specifically, if one survivor takes their hat off on a certain Jigsaw Box, can another survivor use that same box to get theirs off? Or is it one box per person?

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  • stufoot99stufoot99 Member Posts: 4

    Thanks for the answer!

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 5,920


    Some side information if you're interest

    Each box, as explained above, is randomized with which one unlocks YOUR or another players RBT (Reverse Bear Trap). You could in theory have all 4 of your RBTs give the same key in the same box for each of the 4 Survivors, but the odds of that are quite high since by default it's a 1 in 4 chance to get the key out of one of the Jigsaw boxes when your RBT is active or not.

    Each Jigsaw Box by default takes 12 seconds to search, so with 4 boxes to search it could take 48 seconds to completely search every Jigsaw box to get your key, each RBT when active can take 2 minutes and 30 seconds to cause the Survivor to "expire".

    Now in theory this sounds like a cake walk, but if the map is fairly spread out or has a lot of hallways to get to each Jigsaw box, than it can take quite awhile to search each box, hopefully the Killer doesn't find you, and than run to the next box to search all over again for your key.

    Also, if you have to heal yourself while the trap is active than it could take LONGER to get your key, which is why the RBTs can be deadly if you don't look for the key off the bat, even if it isn't active.

    For example, if a Survivor is being chased around the last Jigsaw box you need to search and you have say, 30 seconds left, than you could in-fact die because The Killer will most likely down you if they hear/see you searching in that box, if you take too long to go to the box than you could die, if you have 2 boxes left and THAT isn't the one with the key AND you have only 30 seconds left... than, wait for it, you could die.

    So keep that in-mind when a RBT is placed on you and automatically gets activated, once a Generator pops while you have the RBT on than it'll active off the bat, even if you're downed with the RBT on with the Generator poping afterwards. So, once you get picked up or unhooked than you'll have to decide if you need to heal, which box to go to first, etc.

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