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Inventory Management

I'm not sure if this is regularly requested in this section as I don't check it, but I wanted to leave a suggestion anyway because this is a change I would love to see added to the game.

After four years of trying to get everyone to P3, I am finally working on my first P350 with all perks. I'm only at about Level 60 or somewhere around there, but I have got a lot of add-ons that are going to be difficult to clear out. I've got 31 map add-ons and exactly 0 maps, no flashlights for the 24 add-ons I have for them, etc. They're just sitting there in my inventory, and I don't want them. Chests also seem to know I want these items, as even with Plunderer's I'm getting brown medkits.

If there was an option to throw them away, like a trash button or the ability to consume the center node to throw away everything except perks, it would help make inventories a lot less messy for the people who get annoyed by that (including me). I remember a discussion in general from a few months ago asking for a bloodpoint refund for items we don't want to use, but I think just getting rid of the item with no refund would be enough.

Obviously this isn't a high priority thing, but I do hope that this gets added in one day.

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