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Dear Dead By Daylight: Trapper Changes (Excerpt)


I recently uploaded a document (and accompanying forum post) titled Dear Dead by Daylight which has been getting incredible feedback from you guys here in the community. I wanted to start by saying thank you to those of you who have already given some great suggestions to better the list. One such suggestion was to start separating the major pieces into separate posts to make them more easily digestible. Today, I bring you my suggestions for changing the Trapper. If you want to know my reasoning or check out the rest of the changes, I'll leave a link to the main post. Please leave constructive criticism and/or support, you're feedback is invaluable. Thanks again,


P.S. This list isn't perfect and I may change things on the main document based on new data, but I don't plan on changing anything on these fragment posts, so if something seems off, make sure to check the main document to make sure it isn't already fixed.

"Traps should be able to be opened by the trapped survivor with a struggle period performed by rapidly pressing the spacebar until a task bar is done (Base time of 5 seconds). Additionally, a survivor who escapes a bear trap gets the broken and hindered status effects for 45 seconds after being trapped which will last longer if they save themselves (75 seconds). Other survivors can save you from a trap just as they do now, with an action. Finally, the Trapper can hold 2 bear traps by default, but starts the game with only one. Bag addons will only start him with more.

  • Consequential changes: Wax Brick and Fastening tools now moderately increase initial escape time (2 seconds). The mori’s a little bit underwhelming. I understand he was the first killer, but I think it might be time for a change. Instead of just slicing the survivor up, it might be neat if he put a bear trap on the ground and either rolled the survivor onto it or forced their head down onto it. That or forcing a bear trap onto the downed survivor’s back or an execution similar to that."

Original Post Link:


  • gunglegungle Member Posts: 27

    Sounds neat. I main trapper and this all sounds good.

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