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Why Do Challenges Not Work

To start this off, I may be putting this in the wrong place, I don't know. If so, tell me and I'll repost this elsewhere.

Anyway, just a moment ago I played a game as Hag. It went pretty poorly, but I ended up getting a single sacrifice. Now, prior to this game I had the Level 2 "Reverent" killer challenge selected, which calls upon me to sacrifice 13 survivors to the entity. This challenge had 1/13 before the match. Now, after the match it still has 1/13 despite my sacrifice! What gives?

This isn't the only time this has happened either. I've gotten a few different 4ks with the Level 1 "Reverent" killer challenge selected, calling upon me to sacrifice 5 survivors to the entity, and yet I still only have 3/5?? I have a screenshot below displaying what I mean.

As you can clearly see all of the survivors had been sacrificed, and yet I only had 1/5 at the time of the screenshot. This wasn't a KYF, nor did I enable the challenge after the match. It had been active prior to, during, and after the match, and yet it had failed to record ANY of my sacrifices.


  • BetaBytesBetaBytes Member Posts: 6

    I have the same issue. I gave up on doing that challenge. It sucks. You report the issue to the developers and nothing. No feedback other than we're looking into it. And then they close the ticket.

    There's no hope. These developers don't seem to care. Just keep praying one of those sacrifices counts. Or maybe it's like that generator bug issue where you have to stand in front of the generator for a few moments after kicking it. Maybe try standing and watching the player get sacrificed.

  • Tombstone218Tombstone218 Member Posts: 200

    Hey, I actually figured out what the issue with that challenge was, and I realized that, while it's misleading at best, it's not actually broken. The challenge WILL record your sacrifices, but only the ones preformed during the endgame collapse. I played a couple of games with full endgame perks and got the challenge knocked out in an hour or two.

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