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Survivor BP Tweak

Right now, it is agonizingly slow trying to level Survivors at any reasonable pace because of the fraction of BP gains they are able to obtain (for a moderately skilled player; not elite tier or anything) compared to just running a match as killer and making more than Survivor by playing as a potato.

Survivors need a BP gain increase, or a tweak to how they are obtained. A potato killer can average nearly 20k; but a decent survivor can barely manage 10k? Yes, I get Killers have to constantly keep replinishing their add-ons but seriously --- there are players that are leveling characters still.

Perhaps, Survivors could get a bonus of 10% from each other Survivor's BP scores for that match -- a 'reward of such' on how well your team did as a whole -- just a little bit extra to help alleviate the ridiculous sluggish drag of leveling Survivors.

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