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Insidious...Encouraging Hook campers?

PuzzlesDrawsPuzzlesDraws Member Posts: 2
edited February 15 in Feedback and Suggestions

I have a general discussion in regards to this certain perk ,insidious. While i get the general gist of the perk, it just encourages hook camping not exciting gameplay. I can confirm this because going against a wraith with insidious on just standing beyond Kindreds reach, isn't that motivating to play against. It's exhausting to wait for a survivor queue to pop, load in game, find a generator then realize after a survivor is hooked....Oh...well guess ill gen rush and leave. Only to have all three teammates die because they may or may not understand what this perk does or they are hook camped and can't get off or get hooked three times. Not entirely fun to be frank. I know dev's look at perks overall performance in the game but the base question for this game is, do we let hook campers get away scott free just because one perk encourages it? Now understandably, this perk may not be chosen for all killers, i don't normally see it quite often but it's usually attached to a player who just doesn't wish to do chases and just wait like a venus fly trap and get hand fed sacrifices. Yet i play killers too and understand the agility of survivors capabilities but overall if your goal is just to sit there and wait, the killer isn't adding anything to the game. I myself would have to spend hours on gameplay on Detective Tapp to get Deliverance but then i would just get smacked down by the Insidious camper or saved by a very altruistic player for a moment until the killer either tunnels or mori's. Should this perk remain in the game? There are plently of 0 zero radius builds or giving your terror radius to a survivor that enables gameplay. I do love this game for its exhilarating chases and quick thinking on both parties, but it's lessened when the game enables absolute complete unfairness to one side when your taking altruisim hostage and getting a 5-10 game. Am i wrong? or could it be adjusted in any way? I would love to have a conversation with the Dev's and just pick their brain about it.

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