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DC Bans, what to do while waiting

MoobzMoobz Member Posts: 30
edited February 15 in Off-topic

So i got another DC ban today, because a killer was obviously cheating and I will not stand for that, so I found a few games that fellow people who are stuck in the Brilliant Cough DC ban can spend there time on.

Please feel free to add to this list, please no haters.

EDIT: I am not here to discuss the cheating on game, please games only

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  • MoobzMoobz Member Posts: 30

    Please feel free to add a game to this list, Thanx =)

  • MoobzMoobz Member Posts: 30

    I am not going to play your game, I will not respond to you any further.

  • InjiInji Member, Mod Posts: 579

    @McLightning Please stay on topic

  • MoobzMoobz Member Posts: 30

    Dear Frankie, the point of this post is not to have to explain myself to people who will try and start and argument, I am merely trying to come up with a list of alternate games to play while waiting for a DC ban to pass, Please feel free to add to the list, Thank you.

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 300
    edited February 15

    My favorite is Minecraft, and I don't do American Truck simulator since I own a 1997 Peterbilt with the Cat 3406B engine. We just had the valves adjusted last year and the injectors pulled for cleaning on it here at the farm and it purrs. The DOT rarely stop us for a roadside inspection. But either way.. hehe. The Q times are awful long since the launch of this new ban thing.

    I've had some times too, where I just had to pull the plug on the game, due to a lockup or having to walk away from a game that is frustrating. Honestly we were taught in school it is better to walk away from something that frustrates a person. VS fighting other people over it.

    With an increasing rate on ban times. It only can make this more dangerous. As players will tend to bottle up their anger even more. Maybe a 3-4 minute suspension and just leave it at that.

    I guess that makes sense. Since people in Online Video games have swatted one another over Virtual video games. It is really sad though. Especially what happened in Kansas 2 years back. Where this exact thing happened and it ended in a tragedy. The purpose of being a good company. Is to de-escalate situations and I rightly am very aware that these new penalties could very well cause that type of behavior now in this game.

    Which very-much so concerns me.

    Yeah cheating is always rampant in online video games and some people have a very hard time detecting if another player is cheating. I personally find this game more fun than 13th, But I am not very confident in DBD DLC right now. Until things are revised again.

    Cheers, GL ALL!

  • JC316JC316 Member Posts: 637

    7 days to die.

    Deep Rock Galactic, although their devs are about as bad as DBD's. I [BAD WORD] you not, they had to remove something because it was "too fun and everyone used it".

    Warcraft 3 remastered

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 300

    im going to leave my 10 cents here. Since this should be addressed. The original post said why they left the match. Someone was cheating. I'd be really angry too, if someone was cheating.

    Sure, they didn't say how or what it was. But I am certain It was very obvious that the individual was doing something that wasn't good. Plus given the forum rules. One isn't allowed to discuss cheats here. They don't allow screen captures, videos or descriptions of what was happening. This is to protect the game's integrity. Thus, preventing others from attempting the same type of cheats.

    The next part they discussed was. What other games do people like to play while they are waiting for the game to load and/or their penalty to clear. They showed some other video games that are available and they asked what other games people like to play while they are waiting. It sounds very genuine and sincere. As there are other games out there to play while one waits.

    The mod said to stay on topic. So a person asks. What other games are being played while one waits to pass the time?

    Mine was minecraft.

  • Rizzo90Rizzo90 Member, Mod Posts: 4,715

    Please keep it civil, what Inji did was just asking to avoid derailing the thread, since OP was asking for games to play while waiting, the reason why they received a disconnection penalty is not the focus of their post.

    That said, I usually play MTG Arena in the background.

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 300
    edited February 15

    cool! I hadn't realized they had another MTG digital title out in awhile. nice! I think the last time I played one was one of those early 2000s at a friend's house. I still have a stack of trap cards in storage that were put away in a safe.

  • Dr_TrautsDr_Trauts Member Posts: 508

    Not gonna start anything as my previous comment was already deleted, im just saying as a rule of thumb probably dont put stuff like "killer was obviously cheating" in these threads as it has a tendency to provoke peoples attention, just say while waiting in your penalty que or something.

    I understand its been cleared up here by mods already, but just an FYI for other threads if you were to make more.

    With that said, Minecraft and Left for Dead (1 or 2) would probably be my go-to games. Pretty fun and can easily switch over relatively fast once the penalty subsides.

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 300
    edited February 15

    I'd have to say Minecraft Java edition is very tactful at logging in and out. VS WIndows 10 minecraft. Which takes forever in a decade to boot.

    Back on support of this game:...

    I hope we get a new scary killer in this game that rocks the world. Im hoping for a syringe wielding killer that uses injection substances used on survivors that were in the downed state. While they have to traverse the realm to find cabinets with cures in them.

    I also want to see some tendril monsters and medusa next in this game. I think that will really rock the world here.

    I was thinking something along the lines that travels through the actual ground. (vines with thorns?) What would be cool is if we get a fight that is like a centralized threat. Which is the ACTUAL entity. Controlled by one person in the center, and survivors are slowly caught into the tendrils as the entity begins a possession. Players fight to free their fellow survivors to escape the trial.

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