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Rework Clown into a real Zoner :(

Its not like anyone would bother reading it ;)

His power is just too mundane... buffing the reload is nice but boring and whenever stuff is too easy to use with high uptime you cant balance it (its either too strong or too weak "cough" legion). I would rather not touch the reload and greatly improve his power.

Make him into a Zoner who creates Zones of Gas who break line of sight but if not used right it also confuses him (risk vs reward).

Increase the height of the Gas (this way survivor cant tell clowns position if gas is between em but it also reduces his ability to see em (which is fine cuz you hear em cough etc similar to how spirits plays by sound in her phase mode).

Gas Cloud should last longer on the ground 3-4sec (maybe with addons alot longer if it isnt taxing game performance too much)(replace useless addons like blind on gas) [They could also limit the number of active gas clouds so the oldest will disappear if you spam more than 3 at once again it requires playstesting...]

Survivor cant perceive Red Stain while affected by Gas. [maybe add Oblivious again playtesting]

Instead buff his ability and reward skill (like direct bottle hits slow down survivor alot not just -15% lets say -30%) [Sounds alot but he slows down whenever he throws a bottle this change just compensates the slow on successful hits].

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