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Why is DbD a good game in a bad environment

Hi here,

I'm not surprising (but a bit boring) to have to write this topic but now it is a real fact: a game can be good to play sometimes but it can be a really bad at the same time due to the drafty environment where it is developped & designed.

Indeed, the designers & developpers are used to reproduce the same mistakes & bugs again & again, as long his game 'is living'. More concretely, we probably can all see the textures gaps coming back on maps (like Oil's Station of Autohaven, just for the example) where it didn't appeared previously.

This texture's bugs already fixed multiples times ago (on many others maps) will not allow you to play, sure ! but it clearly demonstrates the BEhaviour's professional skills are not as great as the communication's master let to hear to us abotu his game...

When you report bugs, you always have the same kind of answer "Thanks for your feedback, appreciations, we are really sad to hear that your recent experiences with Dead by Daylight hasn't lived up to your expectations. Rest assured, your feedback is always taken seriously." etc...

Some sentences like that, you all probably will have them as replies to your report bugs if you have already reported one time yet... But if the concerned & reported bug can be resolved in the next patch ("Thanks Entity they can hear us sometimes !..."), you CAN'T BE SURE it will not appear back in the following patch because the human behaviour (and his BEhaviour Team's in particular) has to tend to reproduce the past mistakes. Moderators read your reports but developpers & designers don't listen it (they don't play anyway...)... Maybe they insert it witfully to fix it easily back or maybe they are failing each Update Patches with updated Maps, I can't know how they are working on but I'm sure it should be very drafty & nasty, I'm sure of it now.

So hard to expect much more for this game.

Finally, they encourage only bad behaviour (and this is what they are: 90% games are totally absurd useless and it is finally just your real lifetime you are wasting on this unfinished game) & they will never fix definitively all the repetitive bugs, it is a terminal disease and it is no antidote for this.

Now, I just can cry to this game or I must just encourage to dig a funeral tomb for this death programmed's game because we all know it will be happening sooner or later. The marketing society about this 'pay-to-skin-you-up game' only choose the time it will take to end it...


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