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Chaser emblem, how many chases/ hooks needed?

ShrevyShrevy Member Posts: 37

What it says on the tin.

Been trying to get the archive's silver chaser emblem challenge done, but between MM and my inexperience playing killer, I can't seem to get past bronze.

Thanks in advance!

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  • ShrevyShrevy Member Posts: 37


    I can definitely give that a go, thanks.

    All my chases go too long, which is part of the problem, thanks to my rank 17 killer always getting squared up against green ranks. Normally play survivor and getting absolutely thrashed as killer.

    I appreciate the advice though.

  • ShrevyShrevy Member Posts: 37

    @Fibijean Freddy, hillbilly, or Oni. Been sticking with Freddy since I knew one hit downs were a bad thing. Also I normally play survivor, so it's a steep learning curve.

    Guess I was hoping for an easy " you need 6 chases and 4 hooks to get silver" as I'm getting absolutely destroyed as killer.

    I really do appreciate your in depth advice a lot though, thank you for that!

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,332
    edited February 16

    No problem. Yeah, unfortunately Chaser is an emblem that you can't accurately quantify, at least as far as the points you gain passively during a chase goes. I can tell you that you get 55 points per hit, and you need 1230 points for Silver. So if you manage to get all 12 hooks, and each of those hooks was after hitting the survivor twice, you should easily be able to get a Silver Chaser as long as you don't stand around near hooked survivors.

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