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This game should have a reputation mechanic

With a reputation mechanic the game would be better balanced cause the players with the same reputation would stick together.

lets make like this the reputation starts from 0 to a X number lets take like 1000.

Doing good actions awards you good reputation points or remove your reputation.

Safe hook rescue +50

Unsafe hook rescue -50

letting someone to struggle in first hook -250

Hooking a survivor +50

Hooking the same survivor on sequence -50

at the final of the trial you can give one props to a player and a bad props to someone (you dont need to props too)

the number got at the end of the trial will take you to a match with people with points like yourse.

i think its balanced cause if the match was fun or balanced nobody will receive bad props.

The system can be abused like 4 survs unprop a killer to decrease him of course, but the devs could check this (like if the survivors unprops the killer everymatch) feature and block proping for these survivors

SWF cant prop btween themselvs and only 2 of them can prop the killer.

  • i think with some rules and a better thought on what things give points on the trial and how many points you win or lose will make this a balanced feature, the matchmaking would be easy cause toxic players will only play against toxic players.
  • with the props you need to write something till 100 digits with the reason for your props (good props can be shown to the player, bad props can be reviewed by the devs team to find abuses before punishing someone for his low prop rate.
  • We need to think about how to avoid the abuse of propping only bad killers (of course they will receive good props and everyone will like to play against them) so to fix that i think the already implemented mechanic "did you have fun? (of course if the answer is yes this should increase the chance of these people getting together again)" should come along to avoid them getting that killer again for the next 2 matches.
  • the value of propping and what should count to props could be made in a survey, with a open question to suggestion on what should give or remove points too.


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