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i keep dcing sometimes

last match i got a GF in th game map

i spawned and runned to the nearest gen

not even 5 seconds repair his head pops up outside the stairs behind the wooden barrels

i thought fine he is uncloaking cause i saw him since he started to lean and the sound of the uncloacking was running so i thgought i would uncloack before getting exposed

i got exposed, runned to the nearest pallet but was too late

i dced.

i hate the ghost face reveal mechanic and i made enough threads about it, i KNOW how to reveal but he stills a dumb reveal mechanic, the character is cheap as [BAD WORD].

if this happens again i will dc again the only thing that matter is my fun when playing and my tome missions, if i get some penalty of hours i will go play another game that is better for my diversion than this [BAD WORD].


the day that you release a new chapter and a low player base will come in are about to happen and the reason will be the lack of balance not the lack of content


  • ElenaElena Member Posts: 619

    So you DC because a killer got you down before you reached a pallet too late? Sorry to say, but that's your fault and not the killers.

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 3,202

    Well that’s the thing. They just want to stop disconnects and not look at some of the reasons why people disconnect. They were gloating about how survivors can’t disconnect with certain killers anymore.

    Ok I agree with that to an extent. People shouldn’t be able to disconnect until they get a killer they want...

    However look at Legion. That was fundamentally broken design. It took six months for them to change him and he’s still awful and everybody wants a rework. Asking people to put up with bad design for 6 months or longer is not the attitude you want to take with your customers. It’s only going to hurt the game in the long run.

    Maybe stop rushing killers out. It feels like Oni only just came out yesterday and already we have a trailer for the new one. Meanwhile GF still broken, Legion still boring, and most killers still have bugs relating to their powers. Fix what you have first.

  • HellDescentHellDescent Member Posts: 3,428


  • PatchNoirPatchNoir Member Posts: 400

    cause of the reveal. i most of all i tried to at least waste some time when the [BAD WORD] reveal didnt worked.

  • PatchNoirPatchNoir Member Posts: 400

    i cannot disagree i coul have run to the pallet if i know the reveal dont work properly but this doesnt remove my right to complain about it.

    well i dont agree with you sadly, i think that if this game stills alive is because the devs hear the demands of the player base when they have time to see it.

    i said that i already posted that some times and if you look into these post you will see that most of the people agrees with some demands stated there but we didnt had a response. This doesn means that i dont have the right to post the same theme some time later till they have time to look into it.

    today i played around 9 hours of the game and i DCed the first time just now, i am not a toxic player you know i just dont eat sheet when its unfair.

  • VenzhasVenzhas Member Posts: 322

    Ghostface took to this game lots of *****les players to be honest

  • twistedmonkeytwistedmonkey Member, Trusted Posts: 3,952

    Of course things need fixed and i never said you don't have the right to post feedback as that is always good about something that is not working correctly but in doing this you don't threaten to do something if it isn't fixed immediately as these things take time.

    They are working on the servers which should help a lot and then hopefully will look at the reveal mechanic itself once that is done.

    The first half of your post was good feedback. The last part was not. Only caring about your fun over the others in the match well its why DC penalties were needed.

    Think about it this way. You dislike how buggy the mechanic can be and that is a very valid point. What you have to also look at though is how many other players don't like playing versus certain mechanics on both sides? The setvers themselves have major issurs so everyone's reason for Dcing is just as valid as to them if it's not fun. That means getting hit though vaults or a hatchet hitting you when you are clearly round a corner. Missing hits as a killer as the camera pans to the wall or grabs not working.

    You say you have made numerous threads about the reveal being buggy so you must have already known. This makes my point about running to the pallet early even more valid. Not everything can be fixed immediately but by knowing we can compensate for things ourselves while its being worked on.

  • darkauradarkaura Member Posts: 3

    Well, i used to play like 6h/day dbd.

    Since they [BAD WORD] up so bad with all the [BAD WORD] stuffs that ls happening now, i am playing maximum 2h

    Dedicated servers! Ghostface's invisibility! Getting tunneled all game and only getting 8k bp for boldness and nothing else (but i really dont care about rank anymore while some people do). "Hide and seek" there is no way in the world to escape a killer if he wants you. Adding a time out penalty instead of solving the shits

    Anyways, my point: i really agree with dc'ing and moving to some other games after dbd is just getting annoying sometimes

  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,373
    edited February 18

    -It is not your fun in a multiplayer game that matters only. If you play a multiplayer game, the fun of everyone else matters also. If you don't understand it, play some singleplayer games. There are some really awesome games out there for everyone.

    -DC penaltys exist in nearly every multiplayer game. It was honestly surprising that the devs needed that long for them.

    -Every killer is for a group of people disappointing, because every killer comes with different abilities and so on. However, also exist always a group that likes this killer. Since you playing a multiplayer game (reminder... again!), it is the thing you have to cope with, or again... play singleplayer games.

    -The original Legion design was perfect for people that would have love to see a real stabby killer. It had just suffered on extremly op addons and exploits. That is not the fault of the design of the Legion. It was the fault of the exploits and addons. Not everyone had like the Legion in the days back then, but again, there were also people that have like it.

    -By the Ghostface design it is imo the same. Sure this 1 bug is annoying, but besides it... What's the problem?

    The real problem of dbd is that to many people play this game with a singleplayer mindset.

    The problem is: Dbd is a multiplayer game. Your teammates and the killer are not just bots and the more people dbd play, the more groups with different interests you have in dbd.

    Should be no surprise for people that often talk with guys outside their walls.

    That is my opinion to the thread starters posts and some others in here.

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