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Survivor Perspective - Increasing Tension and Sense of Risk

This is a relative simple suggestion, but one that I feel would greatly increase the feeling of tension and risk in the game for Survivor players (which means, overwhelmingly, most will probably immediately shoot it down). Survivors have an insane level of advantage by having magical third-person perspective in everything they do. This suggestion, tweaks it just slightly---

Lock Survivors into first-person frontal focus whenever doing objectives that should require a 'Survivor' (not player, the character itself) to concentrate on that objective: generator repairs and totem breaking. This, forces survivors to be unable to spin their camera constantly to view their surroundings like they have the freaking Byakugan from Naruto, and instead they will be unable to tell if a killer is coming up on them -- because logically, they should have to focus on repairs and breaking the totems and not be able to 'look around' while doing so.

Secondly, lock Survivors into a front-conal first person perspective when hiding in lockers -- they should logically only be able to see out the slits of the locker - not rotate the camera so they can see things that would be outside their survivors' field of view.

These suggestions, while incredibly unpopular with Survivors because it would make the game vastly more difficult for them, would do a lot to bring a sense of tension and uneasiness back into the game - not knowing when you're being walked up on by a Killer with no terror radius; or being unable to see if a killer is hiding just around the bend from your locker, waiting for it to open up... a feeling a risk and tension that this game drastically needs (it's too lighthearted and relaxed for a 'horror' genre game).

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