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About flashlights

MastroTMastroT Member Posts: 3

Flashlights at the moment are way too strong against Hag, it is not fair that one item can completely counter a killer's power, with no counterplay possible from the killer. I suggest for flashlights to only show where the traps are, removing the possibility to clear traps by flashing them. Otherwise, if the clearing mechanic has to stay, it should at least consume 1,5 to 2 seconds of the flashlight, at the moment a precise flash takes almost no battery at all.


  • TimmylawTimmylaw Member Posts: 68

    You have to find the traps and it consumes battery for that, and flashlights aren't forever. If u see a group with a couple flashlights change killers or dodge if it's that big of an issue.

  • MastroTMastroT Member Posts: 3

    That's not the point, it's unfair that an item can counter a whole killer, just like with burning the wraith... These mechanics are stupid, and you shouldn't be bound to not playing a killer because of an item.

    I think a mechanic where survivors crouch to the trap and disarm it like with trapper would be more fair and realistic.

  • TimmylawTimmylaw Member Posts: 68

    That's a completely unfair viewpoint, the item can counter a handful of times then it's used up. If that's your voiwpoint than toolboxes counter every killer since they do gens faster, healing counters since they have to hit them again

  • Reborn2020Reborn2020 Member Posts: 1,138

    When i see a bunch of flashlights if i care to nullify their items i d just choose specific perks that would not allow them to use lights at all. is that fair?

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