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I love waiting 5+ minutes because me and my friends game crashed

Me and my group of friends had a hard time playing. Early game or Midway through the game one of our games would randomly crash. Like blue screen (PS4) and Error No Internet Connection even though we are still in the party chat being able to talk each other and send us back to the lobby.

We had to keep waiting for something that wasn’t our fault. We even had killers whose game would crash mid game. The matches were really rough to get though like trying to get passes 5-4 gens without someone pooof gone. We had one good game since rank reset we were all rank 1 sent back to Rank 11

I was a 2 man SWF ATM because of the crashed and We had got a rank 1 killer (He was a good Oni on the spirit map) We were all on death hook at 1 Gen. 2 of us manage to get out. I messaged the killer about how good they was and how well-played they did during chases and the killer told me to GO KILL MYSELF because I and my friend escape and we suck because we’re green rank survivors and his Rank 1

I mean in reality it’s Rank 1 killer vs 2 Rank 1 survivors

if the other half of my SWF game didn’t crash and didn’t have the penalty I would give you something to really complain about. 4 rank 1s

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