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The Good, the bad and the ugly....

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After playing several games on the PTB as both survivor and killer, trying all the new perks and such to the best of my ability, here are my thoughts on some key things so far:


Addons like Rickety chain - I think these kinds of addons are GREAT for the game I really do, but you have to be a lot "bolder" with them and stop being so reserved. A brown addon that gives you a significant befuff but only gives 50% on that one difficult thing you do is not really a great example. If people are willing to take a debuff, they are willing to take hard ones but they want REAL Bloodpoint gains. It has to be enough that they feel they will get a return worth it, otherwise why not take a normal addon and get more bloodpoints by just doing better because you have better addons?

They should be even harsher, but offer much larger amounts of bloodpoints, if possible they should affect entire categories not just one event score. I really want more things like this, because I think it would make the game healthier if you really expanded on these, gave them more incentive, maybe even work in a bragging rights thing with them to make those people who 4k on livestream like 30 games in a row as killer have a reason to take them too. I really think there is something here that could be very healthy for the game, and relax the killer role some so people are not only obsessed with winning and the frustrations of the hard losses, but you have to really engage on these to take advantage of that and stop being so reluctant.

Overall these are still good for the game imo and more killers need something like this. I wish Demogorgon had a brown addon like this too.

These killer tweaks - The fixes to doctor, Plague, and Trapper are all needed quality of life buffs that have definitely helped a lot. I have nothing bad to say about these things.

The New Killer's Power - Man is this thing fun, and it works so well on windows. I've heard people say it's too hard to hit with but I didn't have too much of a problem with it given it has an actual aiming guide unlike huntress or someone. With Noed and grabbing someone right off the end game gate as they teabag you thinking they are safe, is the most rewarding thing in this game lol.

This is the only killer I've played so far that has not been demogorgon that I've had a genuine interest in playing.

The Toolbox changes - These have been needed for a while now, and this is definitely made them not have a game breaking effect anymore. They can still help you get those clutch gen finishes though without having to take hits so they are far from useless still. Good change.

Sabo Changes - Man I was skeptical, I expected this to be game breaking in favor of survivors; but you managed to make the trolling 4 x Alex Toolbox sabo groups not as game breaking anymore, while making normal intended sabo's still something a very coordinated SWF can pull off. I still have my doubts on this one, I feel in time on the live servers my opinion on this might change, but for now it seems really beneficial to the game's overall health.

Zarina's New perk! - This perk is fantastic because it actively punishes people who are trying to hard tunnel a survivor; but can reward ones who are legit playing the game if a survivor makes a mistake with it; while still being useful in the right instances for survivors all the same. This is such a great addition. Red Herring is nothing to sneeze at either. I do however feel this may be too strong still unless the cooldown and duration of exposed stays very long, but we will see in time, It feels okay from my PTB matches though, but I feel this one needs to really be watched as it could become very abusive with SWF groups.

The new map! - Holy cow this new map is amazing. It is NOT too dark, I thought it would be given the feedback but that seems to just be a bug with settings that will hopefully be patched out. The map normally looks ****ING AMAZING. It's the best looking and most rounded map in the game to date. The only problem with it is that it makes a lot of the older maps look awful by comparison, in both design and visual appearance. It makes me think we need to revisit the lightning on a lot of of older maps more than anything.


New Killer Appearance - Is not very fear inspiring or entirely as fitting into DBD as many other killers. This is the first one I've actually said that about, even legion just being a normal teenager feels more fitting than this guy. I think maybe it might be mostly the eyes more than anything? They look kinda goofy and silly, he strikes me as the cartoon villain in a kid's show. I feel like you could have expanded on the undead aspects more, we don't really have a real zombie like character anyways so it would have been more unique too. I doubt he is going to get any appearance changes, but I hope his cosmetics are a little more spooky or thematic.

Right now he looks more like a scooby doo villain. (Though, lets be real, you should add the scooby gang as characters in this game, we know they would be down for it they have horror scooby comics and did a supernatual crossover so it's more fitting than it sounds!)

The new map (Night) - It seems there is a version of the map that takes place later at night it seems? Anyways this map is way too dark, we've expresses that this is a problem with the Oni map and the updated Yamoka map; yet instead of being addressed we get another too dark map variant? This is disconcerting.

KIller breaking his own chain with an M1 - I am conflicted because on one hand being able to decide to cut your losses with a smaller stun is great, but being able to entirely negate the actual stun every time almost seems unintended? The thing is it takes a lot of the risk of his gun away to begin with. I am not sure if this is good or not, it is something to keep in mind if he starts over performing, but unless he is then I would leave it.

Scratch that I watched Otz's video and it's pretty much required to be able to do this in order to hit them on certain unsafe loops. It should remain.

Bug with Speargun - Sometimes the hit doesn't register for some reason, the gun passes straight through a survivor with no effect at all.

Chewing Tobacco Addon - This comes back to the M1 to break chain thing, if you can always break it yourself why would you even need this addon?


No Overdue Fixes - There are a lot of issues people have been raising for half a year or more now, still not even a second glance, such as the blink issue with nurse. I really feel like at least one long existing issue should at least get looked at with each major update, or an explanation as to what is going on with them given how long it's been so people know if it's just going to be forever ignored or not. If this patch brings a new major bug, then you are going to be going backwards not forwards on major bugs.


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    Just my thoughts so far, I may update this going forward the more I play on the PTB.

    Edit: Nvm it was moved to the feedback forum where no discussions are really had and topics go to die =( RIP

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    I'll add my 2 cents - chains goes through walls/trees/barrels etc - you can see that orange dot instead of a swirling line that indicates struggle

    Toolbox charges reduction - 10 times less? Isn't this a bit too much? 2 hooks with brown toolbox? And gens have, like 120 charges? 160? And basic toolbox has 16-20. I know that they don't want the gens to go too fast, but... Those are rookie numbers. You gotta pump them up

  • I mean the fact they give repair speed at all is pretty powerful, they speed up the survivor's primary objective. All they did is nerf them in the same way they nerf things that speed up the killer's objective (Or rather slow down the survivor's basically the same thing).

    I imagine they are going to nerf more slow down perks in the future too slowly standardizing the overall repair speeds; which lets be honest, the game really does need. You can watch gen rush videos and 9/10 of them involve toolboxes.

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    I meant chargers in terms of hook sabo. And all those videos are made by swf groups, or at least 2 people

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    I actually really like the killer's appearance. Quite unique when comparing to the other killers.

  • I like his appearance mostly, it is unique, but the face is just plain goofy. It looks like a scooby doo villain and not really "Scary" by any means.

    I think maybe it's the eyes that do that?

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    Dunno how those survivor perks are in the good section, they’re all pretty terrible and are just worse versions of perks that already exist.

    Also you’re comment about an old sabo squad doesn’t make sense to me, since doing that means the whole team is not doing gens. It’s frustrating sure, but it’s basically a guaranteed 4K, new sabo will be worse imo both for the solo survivor and for the killer. Solo because there’s no strategy or setup you just have to hold m2 for 3 seconds and hope you get the sabo before the killer vacuumed to the hook. Not to mention the hooks come back in 30 seconds so any attempt to sabo early is pointless. As for killer the fast nature of new sabo means that every hook can be taken out quickly so it makes it feel more frustrating.

    Sorry didn’t mean to go on a sabo tangent but there it is :p

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