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You can't see anything on the new map if play with a low resolution

On the first image, the Deathslinger is literally there, but you can't see him. The new map is virtually unplayable if you play with a low resolution.


  • AzurlynxAzurlynx Member Posts: 222

    You can't see anything on any resolution. Ussually having lower resolution makes shadows go away and you can see better, but on this map it almost doesn't make difference. It's basically unplayable.

  • FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 711

    yeah, basically. I thought since the map takes place at the evening und the sunset is visible, the map would be bright. However, it turned out to be the exact opposite.

  • AzurlynxAzurlynx Member Posts: 222

    I think that position of sun is part of problem, kinda like when you are looking at something and it has light source behind it, it's completely black.

  • ExerlinExerlin Member Posts: 1,000

    Woah, what the hell? Last time I saw the map it was bright as hell. Did they change it?

  • AzurlynxAzurlynx Member Posts: 222

    For me it was black from start.

    People say it has something to do with low resolution, I use low cuz usually it makes maps less dark, it was exact opposite this time tho.

  • tourniquettourniquet Member Posts: 5

    The bug occurs on low and medium setting. Set it to high or ultra before you load in the map and you see it as it should be. Unfortunately my system can't support high :-(

  • pynkipynki Member Posts: 1

    I tried each resolution and low ended up being the best option for some reason, still too dark to play though, I kept running in to walls.

    I asked at endgame if it was dark for anyone else some said yes others said no. When one guy asked what graphic cards we we using, thinking that could be the issue, everyone said NVIDA.

    It really needs to be fixed,

  • RevansithRevansith Member Posts: 367

    People run low settings to be able to hit skill checks, at 100% resolution the client side lag was so bad I failed more checks than successful, so I switched to 29% resolution and low everything. If the game now requires an ultra or high setting to play one map, which setting you cannot change once you know the map that is loading... whats the solution? Make the map brighter obviously so it WORKS AT LOW SETTINGS

  • FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 711
    edited February 20

    My PC is really, really bad so I pretty much have to run the game at a low resolution. But for some people, it's the brightest map in the game. This situation is legit confusing.

    I could play with high graphic settings, but then I would run the game at 5 fps at most. This map is currently unplayable, you can't even see the killer as can be seen on the image I first posted. It's a very nice map overall, but this needs to be fixed.

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