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Recieving Initialization Error

ShadyNicNackShadyNicNack Member Posts: 3

Description of the issue:

Have two xbox accounts on seperate xboxes, both me and my wifes. We love playing Dead By Daylight. We were to play dead by daylight yesterday night on 02/18/20 perfectly fine. Tonight, 02/19/20 around 10 pm we tried playing dead by daylight. We are unable to play. We are recieving an Initialization Error after we press "a" on home screen and it seems right when it is pulling up the license cache.

We recieved the game from the Ultimate Game Pass. We have purchased multiple characters and packs for it.

Steps to reproduce (if possible):

First we tried going on one account. Inititialization Error.

Tried quitting the game and turn it back on. Did it multiple times, each time Initialization Error.

Tried to uninstall and reinstall on xbox. Initialization Error

Tried going into wife's seperate account on seperate xbox where she is main user. Initialization Error for her.

Tried going back on my account and keep trying to log in. Initialization Error.

We checked our Network and wifi. Seems to do great. Able to go into other games and player multiplayer online.

Not sure what is going on.

How often does this occur:

This is occuring each time we are on the inititialization screen right at the "license cache" mark. Getting inititialization error.

We really love the game and want to play again. Absolutly looking forward to the new chapter. We just cannot play and we did spend money on extras and we cannot even get into the game at all. Again two seperate xbox accounts on two machines recieving Initialization Error. Please Fix

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